September 13, 2014

Jungle Ferns & Fruits Available in Sarawak

At Medan Satok Niaga, you can see many exotic fruits and jungle products. Introduce some of it first and update from time to time later when I visit market again. Not all are available in the market at all time, some depend on the harvest season.

Salak - Snake Fruit

Buah Keranji Madu - Velvet Tamarind (Dialum Indum)

Different grades of Dabai (black olive). Dabai lovers know how to differentiate the grade. To choose the good grade of Dabai, its skin has to be thin and meaty.

There are three types of jungle ferns available in the market (as I noticed). This is the hairy ferns. If you are interested to try, you can have it at The Dyak or Dayak Ruai.

We call this "Paku".

This is "Midin". The cheaper midin bundle has more full bloomed young leaves which tastes not as great as the curled leaves.  

If you buy midin at the supermarket, one bundle costs RM5.

To be updated from time to time.

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