September 7, 2014

Korean Products at One Jaya, Kuching

Location: One Jaya Shopping Mall, Jalan Song, Kuching (Facing Porky, next to Cuppa-Kap Cafe)

My friend is a kimchi lover. So we regularly have Korean food from time to time. I assume this Korean Products at One Jaya is related to the Korean Products at Premier 101 since they use the same name. But the Korean restaurant at Premier 101 has updated their menu recently, mostly BBQ for family serving size and they have excluded my favourite of Korean dish, jjajangmyeon. I doubt why they don't serve jjajangmyeon anymore. Korean Products at One Jaya serves economic Korean food. Affordable price for single portion.

If you can take spicy food, this is the best place for spicy kimchi. I can take it light but not as heavy as my friend, she even complained it is too spicy than her expectation. Lesson learned, don't challenge yourself to finish it as you might get sore throat the next day.

They even provide two types of side dishes, different dishes each time. I guess you can get them to refill too? I didn't try as it's sufficient for two of us normally.

This noodles served cold. Forgot its name though. Haa.. I quite like this cold noodles.

The side dishes served on another visit to Korean Products. Spicy kimchi, and raw garlic chives with cucumber slices.

Kimchi Ramen. Should be the instant noodles but added some ingredients.

My order, didn't note down the dish name (will update next time). It looks different from the menu photo, thought it has lala as illustrated but none. The whole bowl only the hand-torn noodles. Quite disappointed but it tastes surprisingly nice.

Simple ingredients: Sesame seeds, seaweed, egg, a few carrot slices and spring onions.

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