September 18, 2014

Nam Nam Cafe, Kuching

Address: 53-A, Ground Floor, Lot 16709, Block 11, Tabuan Heights Commercial Centre, Jalan Song
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My last visit to Nam Nam Cafe was on 05th May this year, second visit. The photos have been kept in my photo folder for quite sometime. I was actually thinking to go back to try out the Pho Tai (Pho Beef Steak Slices) as this reminded me my days in Perth. I enjoy to have uncooked bean sprouts and fresh mint leaves, also the half-raw beef slices in soup. Another favourite of mine is Goi Cuon, fresh spring rolls.

I ever had the Vietnamese grilled chicken rice at Premier 101. The taste was good but that tauke didn't keep his stall look hygienic, at times I hesitated to order after seeing the dark cook oil in pot. But nevertheless it tastes so good because the scents of lemongrass blended well with the grilled chicken meat. Because of the chicken rice I had, I was tempted to try Nam Nam Cafe's version.

Nam Nam's Menus:

They serve Vietnamese coffee too.

Their desserts are nice too. I had 3 Colors Desserts on my first visit.

They update their menu by adding some new dishes from time to time. Good work.

If not mistaken, I ordered a lunch set. This should be grilled pork chop rice with three pieces of mini fried spring rolls. Pork meat tastes ordinary, no much surprise. You can predict the taste by judging from the picture. I believe chicken meat would taste better than pork.

Steamed Rice Cakes with Minced Pork and Chicken Floss. Taste is acceptable, but I am not too fond of this dish. The rice cake was rather soft and stuck on my teeth. But it should be hard to get it right, not too soft and not too hard. Perhaps this is how it should be?

I only visited Nam Name Cafe 2 times. Definitely will go back to try their other dishes too. But for personal opinion, the plate they used is rather too BIG that makes the presentation imperfect. The portion looks pitiful on my first impression.

I also have tried the Vietnamese most recognised dishes:

Shrimp rice paper rolls

Beef pho. Best to eat with fresh bean sprouts and mint leaves.

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