September 21, 2014

Throwback: Day 1 in Prague (Rosemary Hostel)

If you have shoe string budget to travel Europe, the cheapest way is to sleep in a dorm room. I booked Rosemary Hostel's mixed dorm room, was hoping my roommates would be female but I was the only female with 3 males. Anyway, I liked this hostel because of its ideal location and cleanliness. Check out their website here:

The pink colour sign is the location of Rosemary Hostel. It can easily be missed because there's no obvious signboard.

Quiet street but safe

Room no. 48

I chose the first bed because the beds with good location were taken.

Outside of my room

The toilet

The bathroom is separated from toilet.

The kitchen, fully equipped. Kettle, coffee maker, microwave, oven, pots, frying pans, etc. You can prepare your own meal here.

The dining tables. Everything is good but the TV on the wall was not functioning.

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