September 20, 2014

Throwback: Overnight at Airport Heathrow London

Thanks to Airasia, I have made my best trip ever to Europe in 2010. Though the route has ceased but the memory always remained. I decided to post my Europe trip because I would like to recall the details. This is the second solo trip I made after Taiwan trip. If you ask me, is it fun to travel alone? I would tell you it's the best ever decision in my life. Though lonely at times, but you and your very self get closer.

My flight to London was on 09th Oct 2010, I remember the date clearly as I landed in Prague on 10th October 2010. Spent a night at Heathrow Airport, flew to Prague on the next early morning. It was not very comfortable to sleep at Heathrow Airport because the chair equipped with hands rest. Couldn't lay flat. There were many tourists staying overnight at there too. If you are late comer, you might not able to get a seat at all. But you are most welcome to sleep on the floor with your sleeping bag.

Pre-booked meal

Rent the entertainment set, free earphone. At the least the whole journey it would be too bored.

Beautiful scenery, a sea of cloud

Landed finally at Heathrow Airport

Connecting train to the main building

Custom clearance

Waiting for luggage

Outside the airport. The breeze was cold.

Everything is expensive. Bought the cheapest sandwich. Taste was very nice though.

I took easyJet to Prague on the next day, 10th Oct 2010. Flight time was 0715am. Queuing at the check-in counter.

Breakfast - Cup soup

Landed at Praha Airport

Getting bus ticket to metro station

The ticket looks like this

Bus stop outside Praha Airprot, taking no. 119 to Dejvicka

Arrived at Dejvicka station. Taking train to Mustek, heading to Rosemary Hostel.

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