October 23, 2014

Throwback: Day 1 Prague (Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle)

Walking out from my hostel. Turning right, this is the building in front of me. Walking straight and going left, heading to Old Town Square. The must visit landmark in Prague, The Astronomical Clock.

Municipal House on the left

Powder Tower

This is the first bride and groom couple I met in Prague on 10 Oct 2010

A beggar with his dog

Old Town Square. The Astronomical Clock Tower in front of me. Getting more excited to see it.

One of the building blocks at Old Town Square with decorative painting.

Astronomical Clock Tower

Jan Hus Memorial 

St. Nicholas Church

Parizska Street

Týn Church

The Astronomical Clock. Tourists gathered in front of the clock, waiting for the bell to ring. And you can see the animated figures coming out.

I bought a ticket to access the top of Astronomical Clock Tower. No lift, only staircase. Admission fee is 100 KCz for adult (USD5).

Týn Church

The tourists on the ground

View of Prague Castle from Astronomical Clock Tower

St. Nicholas Church

Týn Church

The second bride and groom couple I saw on 10 Oct 2010 in Prague

Every building block has its own uniqueness.

Passed by the souvenirs shop, saw this beautiful Russian Nesting Dolls displayed on shelf. Didn't buy any souvenirs, as the price was not so adorable.

I was starved.. You can notice that I didn't have any food intake since the soup. This is the first meal I had in Prague: TRDLO 50 Euro. It's actually cinnamon roll sugar coated. Very nice indeed! And the recent trip to KL, I found it in Pavilion food court too. Will blog about it next time.

Going to Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

The tower of Charles Bridge

Vendors selling paintings at Charles Bridge

View from Charles Bridge

Scene of Charles Bridge

Street Performers

Statues of Charles Bridge

They believe by touching the figure will bring good luck

The plaque on the statue of John of Nepomuk has been polished to a shine by countless tourists. There's a saying, by touching the falling priest on the plague will bring good luck and ensure your return to Prague.

The end of Charles Bridge

On the way to Prague Castle

A fake prisoner-like figure stretching out his hands

Staircase to Prague Castle

This is the third bride and groom couple of the day

The gate of Prague Castle

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle

The interiors of St. Vitus Cathedral

End of Day 1 in Prague. Phew!

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