January 21, 2015

K.Y. Cafe 嘉远茶餐厅 @ Jalan Sekama, Kuching

Location: Jalan Sekama (Opposite Rasa Sayang Night Club)

This cafe operates day and night time. Not sure when is their off day. I used to visit this cafe for kolo mee or kueh chap with my bro at night time. Had not been there for quite sometime until recently I invited my friend to have kolo mee for dinner.

I have to say both taukes are very friendly and polite. Though this is common practice. But I don't usually encounter polite taukes who will say thank you to you after payment. 

My kolo mee was served with 'red' (char siew oil). Though I requested not to add 'red', perhaps almost every customer request for it so they forgot my request. After a long time of not having their kolo mee, I was rather disappointed with the taste. I found the noodles was overdone. For me, a good taste of kolo mee should be half done (or it should be 60% or 70% done) which at least to give you a chewy sensation. Nevertheless the serving portion is big and they provide soup as well.

Other than kolo mee, they sell kueh chap, pork porridge and fish ball bean curd soup too. Oh yeah, their kueh chap is also nice. Worth to have a try.

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