January 5, 2015

Throwback: Day 3 Prague (Petrin Observation Tower & Nebozizek Restaurant)

The next morning I went to McD for breakfast. The breakfast menu is quite similar to the McD Malaysia, especially the muffin burger.

Wenceslas Square is just located a few steps away from McD restaurant. Wenceslas Monument and main building of National Museum.

I have got to know Bata shoes since young in Malaysia and always thought it is established in Malaysia until I visited Czech Republic then I only got to know that Bata is actually originated from Czech Republic.

On my way to Petrin Observation Tower. I used the bridge before Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge is on my right hand side.

Getting the funicular railway ticket from the machines.

The ticket looks like this.

The funicular

The Petrin Observation Tower

View of Praha from Petrin Observation Tower.


On the way down to railway station, I stopped by Nebozizek Restaurant for dinner. As I could enjoy the nice view and food at the same time.

Had orange juice and mushroom risotto. First time had risotto. Not my preference at all.

After early dinner at Nebozizek Restaurant, spent my evening time strolling around the city.

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