February 18, 2015

Authentic Foochow Cuisine @ Rock City Cafe 东阁

Location: 2½ Rock Road, Eastmoore Centre, Jalan Rock, Kuching

These years you can easily find Foochow cuisine at almost every coffee shop in Kuching. I am a Foochow myself but I could rarely find any Foochow cuisine here that suits my taste. Even the one I ever introduced before in my blog, New Happy Cafe. I like the taste but not up to 100% yet. I thought this is the best I could find in Kuching. Sometime ago I went to Rock City Cafe which mentioned by my friend before. This is the authentic taste of Foochow cuisine which I have been long searching for.

Aside Foochow style fried noodles, you can find nice kampua and mee sua here too.

This is the stall which I have been patronized frequently. I was addicted to its fried noodles and egg soup for months.

This is fried noodle soup. It is my favourite too. The soup is darker and thick.

My regular order, Foochow fried noodles. The gravy is awesomely tasty. I always finished it till the last spoon. If you want to order this, make sure you tell them "炒面湿的". If you didn't specifically tell them so, they might give you the dry fried noodles.

I can't remember this is fried mee sua or beehoon. Compared to fried noodles, taste rather plain without gravy. 

This is my favourite egg soup. I order this every time to go with my fried noodles. Hundred percent highly recommended. I brought my bro and mum there one time, and now my bro also became their loyal customer.

This is from another stall which selling mee sua mainly. It is not difficult to find chicken tonic soup with mee sua in Kuching, but not Ba Zhen mee sua 八珍面线. I like this Ba Zhen soup too but it is only available on Saturday (if not mistaken). 

Note:  Rock City Cafe closes around 1 - 1:30pm, operates everyday.
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