February 20, 2015

Roadside Fried Chicken Wing @ Leboh Wayang, Kuching

Location: Leboh Wayang, opposite Medan Pelitan / Star Cineplex, Kuching

I can't never resist to have chicken wings, especially fried chicken wings. But I don't fancy KFC. In Kuching, I found two places for nice fried chicken wings. One at Jalan Song's Peach Garden and one is pretty well-known among Kuchingnites at Leboh Wayang. The roadside chicken wings is available everyday, business starting at 1 something in the noon. Chicken wings normally sold out around 3pm. The stall used to carry out business at the roadside, under the hot sun. Now they are operating under the shaded place, in front of the vacant shop.

They have chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, chicken tails (bishop's nose), chicken gizzards and fish balls.

Very crispy and the size of chicken wing is big. How you can resist this golden brown chicken wings?

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