March 28, 2015

Kim Joo 锦裕, Kuching

Address: Jalan Ewe Hai, Kuching
Business hours: 6:30am - 2:00pm (closed on 1st and 15th every month)

Besides Noodle Descendents, Kim Joo is another place well-known coffee shop for cheng / zheng. They not only serve cheng, they also have fried rice, tomato kueh tiaw, etc. So you can try different menus at the same time. I will recommend you tomato kueh tiaw or mee, as this is one of the Kuching specialties.

Their menu:

Cheng / zheng soup. The soup is clear. Full of bean spouts aroma and salted vege.

The noodle is the best. Not over cooked, very chewy. If you are not keen to try their cheng soup, you can order kolo mee.

Tomato kueh tiaw. Normally they fry the kueh tiaw first, then cook the ingredients with sauce separately. Once done, spread it onto the kueh tiaw. For mee version, they will deep fry the noodle first. I prefer tomato mee because it is crispy, I don't normally soak in the tomato sauce too long.

Cucumber juice. They also have kedondong juice. Best beverage to drink on a hot day.

Kim Joo has limited seats. I think the peak hours is between 9:00am to 1:00pm on weekends. Choose your timing right then you don't have to wait too long to be seated.

March 27, 2015

Fried Chicken Wings at Eng Kee, Singapore

Address: 118 Commonwealth Crescent, Singapore 140118

My friend told me that Eng Kee's fried chicken wings taste better than Two Wings's. So on the same day I got another chance to try out different fried chicken wings.

Look at the wings. The appearance says it all. Golden brown skin, the colour is so even. Most importantly its taste is really awesome! It is well marinated, and not so salty. I don't like fried chicken wings coated with thick herbs flour. This chicken wing is the one I truly like. You can taste the crispy skin and the meat inside is so juicy. No regret.

An uncle who's the helper for Eng Kee had a chit chat with us. Apparently the previous owner of Eng Kee has moved to Redhill Market. Ok, this will be another reason for me to go back again. Thumbs up!

March 20, 2015

Fried Chicken Wings at Two Wings, Singapore

Address: 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 151119

I visited Singapore in January. Stayed for a couple of days. My buddy in Singapore had been bugging me what food I would like to try in Singapore and she can't wait for my visit. As you know, there are lots of international cuisines available in Singapore, I would like to have something taste more local. Excluded chicken rice and bak ku teh, as I don't feel like it. My first thought was chicken wings and Katong laksa. Googled "the best chicken wings in Singapore", and I found this link is on top of the result:

So Two Wings is one of the best chicken wings in the list. My friend brought me there, it was quite hard to find a parking lot during lunch break hours. After a few rounds of searching for parking, we gave up and decided to go back later. We went back around 2.30pm. It was raining, bringing in our umbrella to the hawker center and was told by a lady to leave our umbrella outside "rudely". Ok, fine. It's a good practice to keep the premise clean too. We ordered take-away, 4 pieces and was asked to come back later for pick up.

Their menu on the wall. If you are queuing, you can look at the menu on the wall first and then it won't take long for you to decide when it is your turn.

Here is our chicken wings

Quite a huge chicken wing. Mouth watering when seeing this picture.

Ok, I have to say the taste is not up to my expectation, and it is over statement. No doubt, the chicken wings are crispy but the meat is tasteless. I don't think it's marinated. Just the coatings look nice. My friend and I concluded that it was not worth to have second visit again. The box written "one just isn't enough!". Well, both of us agreed "one is just enough for me". I'll blog Eng Kee's fried chicken wing next. Stay tuned.

March 16, 2015

Dine at Ikea Malaysia

Address: No.2 Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Months ago, I brought my mum and bro to Ikea for dinner. We took public transport to get there. I just found out they provide free shuttle bus too, pick up available at the bus stop opposite Kelana Jaya LRT Station:

This is my mum and bro's first time experience to have meals at Ikea. We went early before 6pm. Thought the crowd was not so heavy during off-peak hours. But I was wrong.. still quite packed. and we were quite lucky to get a table near window. I bought almost every dish in the menu. Well, as everything looks very nice to me.. and tastes nice too, of course. Meatball and chicken wing are always in the must-eat list.

Swedish beef meatballs with gravy and fruit jam with mashed potato on top. I am not a meatball lover but I quite like this. Combination of sweet and salty taste, very impressive.

Baked chicken leg with carrot and mashed potato. Full taste of herbs, my fond of rosmary

Cold water prawns. According to their website, the prawns are caught from Greenland's deep waters. I quite like this one too. Honestly.

This is the chocolate cake which I missed a lot. But I remembered it was coated with dark chocolate not white chocolate. It tasted better with dark chocolate. The taste was a bit deteriorated compared to the last time. I liked this because of it contained nuts, give you some nuts aroma and chewy sensation.

Salmon steak. Big chunk of salmon. And the price is so affordable.

Chicken wings is another signature dish of Ikea restaurant. You can't have any excuse not to have it. I can finish all of this alone. Nay... had to share. Forced to.

Bought the cooked salmon steak, thinking we should have these raw salmon slices too. It looks very appetizing.

Note: Ikea's ice cream is very nice too. The vending machines are located on ground floor. And! It is only RM1! Not only cheaper than McDonald's but taste is a lot better too!

March 12, 2015

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinners

Chinese new year is over last Thursday. Days ago I was sorting out the picture folders and found the reunion dinner pictures I took since 2008, except 2012 (have no clue the reason I skipped it). Every year my mum prepared more or less the same dishes. Fried noodles is a must because we skip rice on this day. Fish is  a must too because of the Chinese tradition, it represents abundance year ahead (年年有余). Five spice meat loaf, mixed veges with sea cucumber, chicken or duck meat, and siobee. As we are Foochow so we generally include soup in our reunion dinner too.

Mum's always great, she will generally prepare the dishes we love. Like my favourite fried chicken wings and bro's favourite crabs. This year I nagged her to fry chicken wings a day before, so it was not included on reunion dinner.

2008 CNY Reunion Dinner

2009 CNY Reunion Dinner

2010 CNY Reunion Dinner. We had steamboat.

2011 CNY Reunion Dinner

2013 CNY Reunion Dinner

2014 CNY Reunion Dinner. Steamboat again.

2015 CNY Reunion Dinner

Thanks to the technology and the inventor of digital camera. I learned it is important to keep the pictures and remember my mum's efforts to prepare all these every year. Do you agree?

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