March 27, 2015

Fried Chicken Wings at Eng Kee, Singapore

Address: 118 Commonwealth Crescent, Singapore 140118

My friend told me that Eng Kee's fried chicken wings taste better than Two Wings's. So on the same day I got another chance to try out different fried chicken wings.

Look at the wings. The appearance says it all. Golden brown skin, the colour is so even. Most importantly its taste is really awesome! It is well marinated, and not so salty. I don't like fried chicken wings coated with thick herbs flour. This chicken wing is the one I truly like. You can taste the crispy skin and the meat inside is so juicy. No regret.

An uncle who's the helper for Eng Kee had a chit chat with us. Apparently the previous owner of Eng Kee has moved to Redhill Market. Ok, this will be another reason for me to go back again. Thumbs up!

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