April 26, 2015

Sin Kwang Heng's Siobee & Ah Mui's Beef Noodle @ Open Air Market, Kuching

Location: Lebuh Power, 93050, Kuching, Sarawak

Open Air Market is used to be roofless. Few years ago, the place face-lifted. Metal roof was installed so that their business would not be so affected during monsoon season. However, it lost the fun of having food under the clear sky. Honestly I have not visited open air market for quite sometime. The last time I visited, I found the environment has dramatic changed, especially the attitude of the stall operators (I am not sure if they are the owner or just employed to run the stall). The environment was not hygienic and sickening unpleasant.

Sin Kwang Heng's Siobee at Open Air Market is famous in Kuching. It is so successful that they distribute their siobee and steamed buns to other coffee shops in town too. I used to like their siobee too. But on my last visit, I have bad impression on them. Firstly, the guy was rude when I approached him to order. He asked me to sit and wait for another guy to take order. I don't remember he was rude during the early days. My friend and I were waiting for quite sometime. We watched how they work. It was completely not well organized and efficient. Worst, the guy smoked, holding the cigarette while doing the packing. What a turnoff.

The siobee and soy bean milk. The size of siobee got smaller. The skin of siobee was poorly done too. I have to say the quality of their siobee has dropped.

I ordered Ah Mui's beef noodle soup (next to Sin Kwang Heng). I used to like their beef noodle too. But the meat pieces and its portion look quite pathetic. Oh well... the soup base and noodles still good, at least.

April 17, 2015

Ah Yeo Ice Kacang, 阿杨红豆冰

Location: Jubilee Ground Hawker Centre, Kuching, Sarawak
Facebook Page: https://zh-cn.facebook.com/AhYeoIceKacang

There is a number of places in Kuching serving nice ABC. Ah Yeo ice kacang at Jubilee Ground Hawker Centre is one of them. This place will be flooded with people during hot days. Jubilee Ground Hawker Centre has a few stalls selling the same products, ABC, belacan beehoon and rojak. Ah Yeo Ice Kacang is located on the right, if you walk in from this direction in the picture.

Why Ah Yeo is more popular compared to the rest? Secret is their variety of menus. I remembered when the movie CJ7 长江7号 was out, they created the new menu named 七仔. Very creative indeed.

I ordered ABC Speical with milk (actually santan milk will taste better).

They use fresh papaya instead of canned fruits.

Uncle Yeo is a friendly guy. Now you don't have to purposely drive to Jubilee Ground Hawker Centre for their ice kacang, it is also available at City One and Friendship Park too.

April 15, 2015

Petaling Street (Chinatown) 茨厂街, Kuala Lumpur

Traveled to Pasar Seni LRT station in Feb this year. Discovered something new this time. The graffiti art along the retaining wall caught my attention. Seems like I had not visited Pasar Seni LRT station for quite long time. No doubt, it is not so dull as before, very colourful and eye-catching. I stopped for quite a while to enjoy their good works. 

As a Malaysian, I travelled to Petaling Street less than 5 times. Petaling Street is famous with replica products. But there has one thing I like about Petaling Street, a beverage that can cool down your body heat under the hot sun.  

Here it is.. All time favourite: Air Mata Kucing. It is a must-try thing when you visit Petaling Street.

This drinks made of lo han guo, dried longan, winter melon and rock sugar, can quench your thirst instantly. 

Spent quite sometime to find this apam balik stall. Though it looks quite messy and unhygienic, but I didn't care. Once piece RM1. Quite expensive. I had it only in evening time when I went back to my hotel room. It tasted really good still. No regret to have it.

April 12, 2015

Beef Noodle at Green Hill Corner, Kuching 青山角

Location: No. 10 & 11, Jalan Temple, Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: 7:00am - 12.30pm

You may have tried different types of beef noodle before, but this beef noodle at Green Hill Corner won't disappoint you too. You can opt for dry (干的) or soup (水的), beef noodle. For dry version, they will separate noodle and soup. I normally order soup version.

The soup is clear. A bowl of this,contains noodle (you can choose kueh tiaw too), raw beef slices (slightly cooked), beef cubes (quite hard), tripe, bean sprouts. I like their noodle because it is not overcooked.

Their chili sauce is the best match with the beef noodle. It is tangy and piquant but not spicy.

I have been patronized them for many years, not often, occasionally once a year or so, but I would say that their standard is well-maintained. The difference I can identify is that their price has increased. Last price I paid was RM5 and that was the month before GST implementation.

April 3, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur

Address: Ground Floor, Wisma Concorde, No 2, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website: http://www.hardrock.com/cafes/kuala-lumpur/

My friend had been wanting to bring me to Hard Rock Cafe. And finally we made it. This time we didn't want to over eat again. Apparently failed.. Looking at the menu, it was hard to skip the chicken wings. And he wanted to have the Bruschetta. The friendly waiter recommended us to have Jumbo Combo so we can try different dishes, the price is about the same too if we ordered separately.

Here is the Jumbo Combo. Thumbs up! Every appetizer worth trying! The portion size is gigantic to me.  Two of us couldn't finish it. If you has small stomach, this Jumbo Combo is more than sufficient.

This is my main course, roasted lamb ribs. I think the portion of these two dishes can feed 4 persons sufficiently. The meat can be separated from the bone effortlessly. No chewing difficulty. Honestly I prefer Hard Rock's ribs than Tony Roma's.Gosh, I wish I can finish all and enjoy it to the last rib. But I was 80% full when this dish served.

Message to the person who brought me here. I doubt if you are reading this post. May be not. Neverthless.. thank you for all these years bringing me to savour the nice food. I treasured and enjoyed spending time with you rather than the food. I wish you well. Good health and happy. And I have been missing you a lot.

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