April 26, 2015

Sin Kwang Heng's Siobee & Ah Mui's Beef Noodle @ Open Air Market, Kuching

Location: Lebuh Power, 93050, Kuching, Sarawak

Open Air Market is used to be roofless. Few years ago, the place face-lifted. Metal roof was installed so that their business would not be so affected during monsoon season. However, it lost the fun of having food under the clear sky. Honestly I have not visited open air market for quite sometime. The last time I visited, I found the environment has dramatic changed, especially the attitude of the stall operators (I am not sure if they are the owner or just employed to run the stall). The environment was not hygienic and sickening unpleasant.

Sin Kwang Heng's Siobee at Open Air Market is famous in Kuching. It is so successful that they distribute their siobee and steamed buns to other coffee shops in town too. I used to like their siobee too. But on my last visit, I have bad impression on them. Firstly, the guy was rude when I approached him to order. He asked me to sit and wait for another guy to take order. I don't remember he was rude during the early days. My friend and I were waiting for quite sometime. We watched how they work. It was completely not well organized and efficient. Worst, the guy smoked, holding the cigarette while doing the packing. What a turnoff.

The siobee and soy bean milk. The size of siobee got smaller. The skin of siobee was poorly done too. I have to say the quality of their siobee has dropped.

I ordered Ah Mui's beef noodle soup (next to Sin Kwang Heng). I used to like their beef noodle too. But the meat pieces and its portion look quite pathetic. Oh well... the soup base and noodles still good, at least.

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