May 29, 2015

Tune Hotel KLIA2 Review

I ever stayed at Tune Hotel Downtown, Penang and LCCT. Enjoyed my stays at Downtown and Penang branch. But I have very terrible experience at Tune Hotel LCCT, I got so pissed off because of the noise made by some inconsiderate guests downstairs in public area. Imagine you need a good rest to catch early flight next day and there is a crowd partying until almost 3am. I had to put up with it because my room is facing the public area. Tune Hotel LCCT has poor sound-proof, rooms were fully booked all the time. That particular day I endured their party noise till morning and I didn't even got chance to close my eyes for 5 minutes. I wrote them a complaint letter. They did reply and offered me 20% off for next visit to any Tune Hotel (except Tune Hotel LCCT). Anyway, I didn't use it. I just voiced it to them in hoping they can do something to solve this problem next time.

Despite the awful experience I had at Tune Hotel LCCT, I checked in Tune Hotel KLIA2 on 12th May 2015. My mum and I had to spend a night at KLIA2 to catch our flight to Gold Coast on the next day. I booked the room in August last year, cost RM138 after tax. Price is very reasonable as it includes toiletries, towels, air-conditioner, fan, wifi and TV!

This new hotel design at KLIA2 is a lot more attractive compared to the old ones. Equipped with better facilities. They have more lifts, shorten your waiting time. Though it is within 10 minutes walking distance to the hotel, I like the convenience of pulling luggage all the way from airport to destination without carrying it up and down the staircases. Very thoughtful of them!

This is the lobby of Tune Hotel KLIA2.

You can even do your check-in and check your flight info here. It is so thoughtful right! 7-Eleven store is attached with the hotel too.

The room is considered spacious (compared to the old hotel at LCCT). You have ample space to place your luggages and gap to walk through. There is a table and chair on the right side of the bed, I missed that corner out.

View from my room, they even have this relaxing space for guests. I was quite concerned at first.  Luckily no one was out there. We had a good rest that night. Comfort bed and quiet room, well done Tune Hotel KLIA2!

May 27, 2015

Sando Ramen 三道 @ 101 Premier, Kuching

Location: 10B, 101 Premier Business Center, Jalan Kempas, Kuching, Sarawak
Business hours: 11:30am-2:30pm; 5pm-10:30pm Daily (Off every Tuesday)

Sando Ramen established its first outlet at ST3 in 2013. The second outlet at Premier 101 was newly opened last year. Quite a fast grow ya. I ever been to their outlet at ST3 two times, but didn't manage to snapshot any photos. Though the new outlet had been opened for months, I didn't have the interest to try it out until my bro wanted to have ramen for dinner.

The exterior and interior design of this outlet looks utterly appealing.

As its name tells it all, Sando Ramen focuses on its specialty on ramen mainly. Variety of choice for you to choose. It took my bro sometime to choose what he wants. But for me, I opt the cheapest. Haa..

If you don't feel like having noodle, they also have variety of rice meals too. Looking at these pictures, definitely entices you to go back again to try different menus.

This is my order, Chashu Shoyu RM17.90. Portion was ok. Taste also was fairly good to my liking. The presentation looks perfect. If they missed out the spring onion on top of the noodle, the whole presentation might not be so attractive. The "green" thing makes the hell lot different.

My bro's order, Chashu Shiro Shoyu RM19.90. The soup looks thick right.. My bro finished it all except the black fungus.

While I was checking out the address of this outlet. I discovered something interest... This outlet serves no pork. Didn't realise it when I was browsing through the menu. Haa... It is a good news for those who don't like the taste of lard.

May 23, 2015

Mee Sin Cafe 面新茶室, Kuching

Location: Jalan Padungan, Kuching (Opposite Everrise Supermarket), next to Kapit Hotel.

The other day when passed by Padungan hunting for food, I remembered a blogger blogged the kolo mee from Mee Sin Cafe before. So determined to try it out that day. Sitting just right in front of the stall, I heard the taukenio conversed in Foochow with other patrons next to me. I was quite surprised with that. Foochow selling kolo mee? Hmm.. interesting.

I ordered fresh meat mee. This is how it looks like. Fish balls, minced meat balls, pork liver, prawn and thin pork meat slices. It looks quite ordinary, isn't it? But when I had the first bite of the noodle, I surrendered myself. Its taste is exceptionally good. The noodle is moderately cooked so it is still chewy. The texture is comparable to other famous kolo mee in Kuching. 

And few days later, I brought my friend to Mee Sin Cafe again. I had the kolo mee this time.

May 22, 2015

Night Market @ Siniawan Old Town 新尧湾老街夜市, Kuching

I have to admit that I am outdated for some famous attractions in Kuching. Siniawan night market is one of them. Despite it was launched in 2010, I never been there until last month. Shame on me. If you are keen to know more about the history of Siniawan town, you may click the links below:

History of Siniawan
Transformation of Siniawan

Siniawan night market is only available on weekends. Friday to Saturday, from 6pm to 11pm. Sunday, from 4pm to 11pm. It took me about 35 - 40 minutes drive to get there from my place. This place surprised me in many ways, there has variety of food, the karaoke activities, and the historical shops. The atmosphere is very unique and nostalgic.

This small town has 48 wooden shops in total. The street is not too long stretch. Two straight rows of shoplot, the middle walkway is vacant for tables. There are quite a number of stalls selling similar food. I found BBQ pork, fried chicken wings, grilled seafood, fresh veges and fruits, kuih-muih, dumplings, Taiwanese sausage, fried you cha kueh, okonomiyaki 大阪燒, ABC ice kacang, sotong kangkong, rojak, etc.

You can enjoy the live karaoke entertainment by evergreen singers. Most of them can sing very well!

Saw this stall selling Okonomiyaki 大阪燒 and yakitori.

This stall selling you cha kueh with different flavours of spreads. Selections of choice: Plain, chicken floss with mayonnaise, kaya with butter, mayonnaise with butter, sausages with mayonnaise, and peanut with butter.

The you cha kueh is freshly made on spot.

This shop is still keeping the old glass display cabinets. It looks so 60s!

My favourite chicken wings! I bought the plain and hong zao (红糟) chicken wings. 4 pcs for RM10.

Wooden signboard!

Most shops are still using the wooden door. This shop is keeping it perfectly well.

My friend and I have tried the ABC, chicken wings, you cha kueh (peanut with butter) and okonomiyaki. Both of us preferred the chicken wings the most.

The food and drinks are priced reasonably.  I was tempted to have the BBQ 3 layer pork as it was highly recommended by my friend. But after stuffing our stomach with the food we bought, we didn't have room to eat any extra bit. Reserve it for my next visit!

Ff you are interested to spend a night at Siniawan, there is one homestay available. The room rate for different types of room is as shown below:

This night market is amazing. But for tourists, the location is quite inconvenient for them to get there by bus. Perhaps it would be good to provide a shuttle bus service in the future.

May 19, 2015

Kolo Mee @ Sin Lian Shin 新联成, Green Road, Kuching

Location: 182, Jalan Green, 93150 Kuching, Sarawak
Open daily, except Tuesday. 

Kuchingnites should familiar with Sin Lian Shin. My ex-college mate from Kuching highly recommended as he grew up eating their kolo mee. I can't remember my first visit to Sin Lian Shin, it was quite long time ago. And I didn't go back until I brought my brothers to try it out last month.

Sin Lian Shin is located opposite Green Road Secondary School. Many students would have their breakfast or lunch there before or after school.

Dumplings soup (Kiaw) to be shared with my brothers. Its taste is full of thick dumpling skin aroma.

Some say it is the best Kolo Mee in Kuching. The noodle is "curly", minced pork and char siew slices on top. This is generally how the kolo mee should look like. If you prefer to have the sweet taste of Kolo Mee, you can request them to add in char siew sauce (放红).

It is up to personal preference, I think.. That day the kolo mee I had was rather dry in the center, the seasonings was not blended evenly.

Location of Sin Lian Shin is rather far from town. It takes about 15 minutes drive roughly or more, depends on traffic condition.

May 11, 2015

Hong Kong Puff Co. 香港酥饼, Kuching

Address: Lot 7055, Jalan Foo Chow 1A, Kuching, Sarawak.

Have you noticed that Hong Kong Puff Co. has opened a few branches in Kuching? I don't know the total number of branch they have. But from what I know, there is one at Jalan Foo Chow, one at Tabuan Tranquility Commerial Centre (in Stutong area), one at Jalan Keretapi, and one at Petanak/Ang Cheng Ho. Seems like they are aiming to open more branch, perhaps whole Sarawak?

Their buns and pastries are freshly baked everyday. I usually dropped by to buy their buns at their Stutong branch. Kinda fond of their char siu bun. The other day a friend told me that there is one selling very nice egg tart and sau bao, I asked her for the location. Ok, it is the same shop like the one at Stutong. But don't know why this branch only sells egg tart, sau bao, curry puff, custard puff, white bean and red bean puff. I didn't see any char siu bun though I have visited the same branch two times. May be different branch has its own best selling items?

This is the main branch at Jalan Foo Chow 1A.

The oven is placed outside the shop, good tactic ya? While baking, the aroma can lure and attract more customers. Egg tarts, curry puff, sau bao, butter puff, custard puff, white bean puff and red bean puff. My friend has tried their red bean puff, she loves it.

I personally prefer their char siu bun.. This is the pack I got it from the branch at Tabuan. I will snapshot the content of the bun and upload it here next time.

ABC @ Summer House, Jalan Reservoir, Kuching

Location: Jalan Reservoir, Kuching

This place has been nestled here for many many years. I don't any clue about its history, not even the real name given for this place until I googled it online. Just got to know it is named Summer House. Quite a nice name... But the location of where it is located is quite spooky. Why? It is just next to cemetery and you may spot a few tombstones around it. But Summer House's business is always good surprisingly.

Oh well, I used to come here for belacan bee hoon with my college friends after exam (as he was a huge fan of the belacan bee hoon here). The recent visit I had to Summer House, the belacan bee hoon has sold out. I ordered ABC special. While waiting for my order to be served, I overheard someone was ordering cendol. But tauke answered no more cendol. Hmm.. I was quite disappointed honestly. My ABC special without cendol? Why I am not informed? 

This is how my ABC Special looks like. I was quite disappointed, the ingredients were quite little. And without cendol, it doesn't look appealing.

I may want to visit Summer House again for the belacan bee hoon and laksa. Hopefully the taste is still good after a long time.

May 3, 2015

Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company (100% Pure Sarawak Coffee Bean)

Address: No.87, Ewe Hai Street, 93000, Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel: 082-420 290
Click here to their Facebook page

I have brought a few of my friends to this cosy cafe located on Ewe Hai Street. They serve gourmet coffee, brewed with Sarawak coffee beans. 100% pure Saraawak coffee beans. Worth to mention, a cup of cappuccino is only RM5! Limited seats available. You may have to share table with others. But it is good that you can make new friends too. 

The staffs are friendly and cheerful all the time.

The most popular menus hanging on the wall.

Not only coffee, you can have premium grade of Taiwanese tea here too. Coffee or tea? I opt coffee most of the time.

My cappuccino. The cookies tastes great too.

Don't miss out this gem of Kuching. I list it under Must-try list to have in Kuching. If you are a coffee lover, you will agree with me. It tastes real great!

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