May 11, 2015

ABC @ Summer House, Jalan Reservoir, Kuching

Location: Jalan Reservoir, Kuching

This place has been nestled here for many many years. I don't any clue about its history, not even the real name given for this place until I googled it online. Just got to know it is named Summer House. Quite a nice name... But the location of where it is located is quite spooky. Why? It is just next to cemetery and you may spot a few tombstones around it. But Summer House's business is always good surprisingly.

Oh well, I used to come here for belacan bee hoon with my college friends after exam (as he was a huge fan of the belacan bee hoon here). The recent visit I had to Summer House, the belacan bee hoon has sold out. I ordered ABC special. While waiting for my order to be served, I overheard someone was ordering cendol. But tauke answered no more cendol. Hmm.. I was quite disappointed honestly. My ABC special without cendol? Why I am not informed? 

This is how my ABC Special looks like. I was quite disappointed, the ingredients were quite little. And without cendol, it doesn't look appealing.

I may want to visit Summer House again for the belacan bee hoon and laksa. Hopefully the taste is still good after a long time.

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