May 11, 2015

Hong Kong Puff Co. 香港酥饼, Kuching

Address: Lot 7055, Jalan Foo Chow 1A, Kuching, Sarawak.

Have you noticed that Hong Kong Puff Co. has opened a few branches in Kuching? I don't know the total number of branch they have. But from what I know, there is one at Jalan Foo Chow, one at Tabuan Tranquility Commerial Centre (in Stutong area), one at Jalan Keretapi, and one at Petanak/Ang Cheng Ho. Seems like they are aiming to open more branch, perhaps whole Sarawak?

Their buns and pastries are freshly baked everyday. I usually dropped by to buy their buns at their Stutong branch. Kinda fond of their char siu bun. The other day a friend told me that there is one selling very nice egg tart and sau bao, I asked her for the location. Ok, it is the same shop like the one at Stutong. But don't know why this branch only sells egg tart, sau bao, curry puff, custard puff, white bean and red bean puff. I didn't see any char siu bun though I have visited the same branch two times. May be different branch has its own best selling items?

This is the main branch at Jalan Foo Chow 1A.

The oven is placed outside the shop, good tactic ya? While baking, the aroma can lure and attract more customers. Egg tarts, curry puff, sau bao, butter puff, custard puff, white bean puff and red bean puff. My friend has tried their red bean puff, she loves it.

I personally prefer their char siu bun.. This is the pack I got it from the branch at Tabuan. I will snapshot the content of the bun and upload it here next time.

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