May 23, 2015

Mee Sin Cafe 面新茶室, Kuching

Location: Jalan Padungan, Kuching (Opposite Everrise Supermarket), next to Kapit Hotel.

The other day when passed by Padungan hunting for food, I remembered a blogger blogged the kolo mee from Mee Sin Cafe before. So determined to try it out that day. Sitting just right in front of the stall, I heard the taukenio conversed in Foochow with other patrons next to me. I was quite surprised with that. Foochow selling kolo mee? Hmm.. interesting.

I ordered fresh meat mee. This is how it looks like. Fish balls, minced meat balls, pork liver, prawn and thin pork meat slices. It looks quite ordinary, isn't it? But when I had the first bite of the noodle, I surrendered myself. Its taste is exceptionally good. The noodle is moderately cooked so it is still chewy. The texture is comparable to other famous kolo mee in Kuching. 

And few days later, I brought my friend to Mee Sin Cafe again. I had the kolo mee this time.

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