May 22, 2015

Night Market @ Siniawan Old Town 新尧湾老街夜市, Kuching

I have to admit that I am outdated for some famous attractions in Kuching. Siniawan night market is one of them. Despite it was launched in 2010, I never been there until last month. Shame on me. If you are keen to know more about the history of Siniawan town, you may click the links below:

History of Siniawan
Transformation of Siniawan

Siniawan night market is only available on weekends. Friday to Saturday, from 6pm to 11pm. Sunday, from 4pm to 11pm. It took me about 35 - 40 minutes drive to get there from my place. This place surprised me in many ways, there has variety of food, the karaoke activities, and the historical shops. The atmosphere is very unique and nostalgic.

This small town has 48 wooden shops in total. The street is not too long stretch. Two straight rows of shoplot, the middle walkway is vacant for tables. There are quite a number of stalls selling similar food. I found BBQ pork, fried chicken wings, grilled seafood, fresh veges and fruits, kuih-muih, dumplings, Taiwanese sausage, fried you cha kueh, okonomiyaki 大阪燒, ABC ice kacang, sotong kangkong, rojak, etc.

You can enjoy the live karaoke entertainment by evergreen singers. Most of them can sing very well!

Saw this stall selling Okonomiyaki 大阪燒 and yakitori.

This stall selling you cha kueh with different flavours of spreads. Selections of choice: Plain, chicken floss with mayonnaise, kaya with butter, mayonnaise with butter, sausages with mayonnaise, and peanut with butter.

The you cha kueh is freshly made on spot.

This shop is still keeping the old glass display cabinets. It looks so 60s!

My favourite chicken wings! I bought the plain and hong zao (红糟) chicken wings. 4 pcs for RM10.

Wooden signboard!

Most shops are still using the wooden door. This shop is keeping it perfectly well.

My friend and I have tried the ABC, chicken wings, you cha kueh (peanut with butter) and okonomiyaki. Both of us preferred the chicken wings the most.

The food and drinks are priced reasonably.  I was tempted to have the BBQ 3 layer pork as it was highly recommended by my friend. But after stuffing our stomach with the food we bought, we didn't have room to eat any extra bit. Reserve it for my next visit!

Ff you are interested to spend a night at Siniawan, there is one homestay available. The room rate for different types of room is as shown below:

This night market is amazing. But for tourists, the location is quite inconvenient for them to get there by bus. Perhaps it would be good to provide a shuttle bus service in the future.

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