May 29, 2015

Tune Hotel KLIA2 Review

I ever stayed at Tune Hotel Downtown, Penang and LCCT. Enjoyed my stays at Downtown and Penang branch. But I have very terrible experience at Tune Hotel LCCT, I got so pissed off because of the noise made by some inconsiderate guests downstairs in public area. Imagine you need a good rest to catch early flight next day and there is a crowd partying until almost 3am. I had to put up with it because my room is facing the public area. Tune Hotel LCCT has poor sound-proof, rooms were fully booked all the time. That particular day I endured their party noise till morning and I didn't even got chance to close my eyes for 5 minutes. I wrote them a complaint letter. They did reply and offered me 20% off for next visit to any Tune Hotel (except Tune Hotel LCCT). Anyway, I didn't use it. I just voiced it to them in hoping they can do something to solve this problem next time.

Despite the awful experience I had at Tune Hotel LCCT, I checked in Tune Hotel KLIA2 on 12th May 2015. My mum and I had to spend a night at KLIA2 to catch our flight to Gold Coast on the next day. I booked the room in August last year, cost RM138 after tax. Price is very reasonable as it includes toiletries, towels, air-conditioner, fan, wifi and TV!

This new hotel design at KLIA2 is a lot more attractive compared to the old ones. Equipped with better facilities. They have more lifts, shorten your waiting time. Though it is within 10 minutes walking distance to the hotel, I like the convenience of pulling luggage all the way from airport to destination without carrying it up and down the staircases. Very thoughtful of them!

This is the lobby of Tune Hotel KLIA2.

You can even do your check-in and check your flight info here. It is so thoughtful right! 7-Eleven store is attached with the hotel too.

The room is considered spacious (compared to the old hotel at LCCT). You have ample space to place your luggages and gap to walk through. There is a table and chair on the right side of the bed, I missed that corner out.

View from my room, they even have this relaxing space for guests. I was quite concerned at first.  Luckily no one was out there. We had a good rest that night. Comfort bed and quiet room, well done Tune Hotel KLIA2!

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