June 17, 2015

Rusty Bean & Batter, Kuching

Location: M42/M43, Level 1, ST3 Shopping Mall, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Kuching, Malaysia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rustybeanandbatter

I have patronised Rusty Bean & Batter for .... 3 times in total, I think so. Every visit I couldn't resist myself not to order their waffle. Mainly because they serve the waffles that suit my taste. Well, I have not got the chance to try out the signature coffee yet, the Rusty Fairy (they use cotton candy to replace white sugar).

They have assorted waffles and pancakes to choose from. Apart from there, they also serve brunch menus. If you spent RM150 and above, you can redeem a tumbler with their logo on it (even combined receipts is acceptable).

Their ambience is nice, no doubt. You can roll your eyes slowly to examine the interior design at every corner. Especially the steel pipe structures with different shape of lightbulbs. It has the elements of what a hipster cafe should have.

They have cheese cakes too, if you are not into waffles and sandwiches type.

This mille crepe is quite special with a heart shape rainbow in the middle.

My hot chocolate.

I hope I didn't get the name wrong. It has been sometime actually. If not mistaken, its name is Alice in Wonderland. Excuse my bad memory. This was my second time I had it. I love the chocolate syrup on top of the waffle. When it turned hard, its taste blends so well with the waffle. Sinful desserts but irresistible.

The apricot pancakes taste alright for me. But my friend liked it.

Below pictures are taken on my third visit, celebrating a good friend's birthday. I can't recall what drinks I had, but its taste quite refreshing. Not bad actually.

As we ordered also sandwich and cake, so I asked for the waffle with a scoop of ice cream. Taste as good as Alice in Wonderland. But I still prefer it with chocolate syrup.

Sorry, I certainly cannot recall the name of this dish. Three of us had a hard time to eat this, ended up we ate it ingredients separately. I quite like the egg mayo, perhaps because it's my favourite.

Fruits mille crepe. Look at the layers, full of cream. We enjoyed it to the last bit too.

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