July 6, 2015

Restoran Makanan Laut Lau Heong 蒥香海鲜饭店, Kuala Lumpur

Address: 43A-0-9, Jalan 3/48A, Sentul Perdana, Bandar Baru Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-40427857

I visited KL again last month. My friend introduced and brought me to three places which I had not been to. So I gonna start with the dinner I had at Lau Heong first. For those in KL, should be familiar with Lau Heong. My friend highly recommended to me its fried chicken wing and squid dish. As they are famous, friend advised we have to be there earlier before 6pm, as the crowd will come after 6pm.

The owner has been interviewed by many TV shows and media press. 

Here is their business hours.

Thin French Beans with Salted Egg RM10. I like this french beans dish. Didn't know it matches so well with salted egg.. Tastes really good.

Squids Thai Style RM16. In the bill, it stated 泰式 sotong. Quite unique taste. It is creamy.. but not like butter cream that I used to have. It is more like soy sauce with cream. My friend said it's one of their signature dish.

Superior Clam Soup 上汤蝲蝲 RM20. I ever had this soup at Jalan Alor. But this one is not as spicy. I would prefer Lau Heong's version, can really taste the fragrance of wine.

Fried Chicken Wings (6 pcs) RM19.20. Here comes the famous chicken wings. My friend said every table surely will has this chicken wings. She didn't bluff me. Look at this golden wings.. The colour of it already so "mouth-watering". Its outer is so crisply crunchy. But.... this is not up to my personal liking yet. I found it salty. I would say it is very well marinated with red fermented beancurd 南乳, that makes it tasty. But the aroma of red fermented beancurd has over covered the original taste of chicken. So after one piece, I didn't feel like continue. Reluctantly finished my second piece.

Too bad, we were still full that time. Otherwise I would like to try their claypot curry too. I noticed every table has it too, and they consumed the curry completely without a drip of the soup in the claypot. I doubt if I would ever have the chance to go back there again in the future. Hmm.. Let's see.

Despite Lau Heong has so many tables available, inside and upstairs of its own shop-lot, even outside extended to their neighbours' walkway but there are still so many family waiting to be seated. A lady came to ask how long is the wait. The guy answered at least a hour. So better be early or late, or just wait if you are not too hungry yet.

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