July 19, 2015

Seoul Bing Cafe PV128 @ Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Address: G-46, Platinum PV128, 128, Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

After the dinner at De Pastry Chef on the first floor, I tempted to try the bingsu at the Korean Dessert Cafe. The interior design looks impressive.

The menu for bingsu dessert is very limited, 6 flavours: Injeolmi, Blue Berry Cheese, Mango Cheese, Black Sesame Seeds, Berry Yogurt and Milk Pat. Hmm, as we were still very full, could only have one to share so I chose Milk Pat. The portion is actually "enormous". Though the girl at counter said the portion is enough for two persons to share, I think it's more than enough for three to share. Well, of course the great portion comes with higher price too. A bowl of this Milk Pat Bingsu priced RM18.50 (price after GST, RM19.61), can you imagine one person averagely RM10 for this dessert? Hmm.. yet the ingredients only ice, peanut powder, almond flakes, red beans and 4 pieces of the glutinous rice balls.

Here comes the Milk Pat Bingsu. As the name given, I thought its content should rich with milk taste. But no trace of milk in the dessert.

My friend criticised max about the red beans. She said the texture is too hard. As she is allergic to peanut, I had to finish the whole bowl myself. She could only dig the plain ice to taste a few bites. The whole bowl is full of peanut powder, as it reminds me of the dry peanut tangyuan 汤圆.

However, I have to give some credit to its smooth shaved ice. Perhaps we chose the wrong toppings, I guess Mango Cheese would taste better than Milk Pat?

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