October 13, 2015

Authentic Foochow Cuisine @ Meekwong Cafe, Kuching

Location: Ground Floor, Jalan Song Thian Cheok, 93100 Kuching (same block with KWB payment counter).

This coffee shop only operates from early morning till 2pm. It has been my favourite place these days for late lunch. The variety of Foochow food is the main attractions, such as Foochow version fried noodles, mee soup, kampua, gong pia, zao cai beehoon, herbal soup with mee sua, chicken soup mee sua, etc.

The menus and pricing. The price is reasonable as the portion is quite large with generous ingredients.

This is kampua 干盘面. The texture of kampua is different from kolo mee. The noodles of kampua is like 100% cooked, and authentic Foochow kampua must contains pork lard. Secondly, a bowl of clear soup should be provided. In Kuching they don't provide soup unless you request it. We Foochow will not miss out soup in our meals, especially dinner. Looking at this picture, I feel like having it tomorrow. It looks so seducing. 

On my second visit, I tried out their fried noodles 炒面湿. Foochow version, stir-fried with dark soy sauce and the condensation of gravy must be thick enough.

This is called zao cai beehoon 糟菜米粉. Zao cai is fermented vegetables, imported from China. Tastes sour, it is my favourite too. Usually zai cai beehoon 糟菜米粉 will contain black fungus and the beehoon is thicker than the normal type. This type of beehoon we call it "fen gan" 粉干.

Ba zhen mee sua 八珍面线. In Foochow, we pronounce it as "bek tin". This soup contains 8 types of herbs. Usually we will use duck meat to cook, but here they use chicken as a replacement so that the price is affordable. The chicken thigh looks huge, it is only RM6. Worth it. The herbal soup is heaty type in Chinese medical terms, it is good for ladies especially. Taste wise, ba zhen soup has a little bit sweetness.

Fried bai guo gan 炒白果干, white rice cake is another Foochow dish too. This is not really my favourite, but my mother loves it. Every year she never missed this dish on CNY reunion dinner. This dish we usually stir fry with leeks imported from China.

My brother has also tried out their food. But he still prefer the one at Rock City Cafe. Actually I agree with him. The auntie's Foochow fried noodles is really unbeatable.

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