October 17, 2015

Kurtos Spiroll @ Pavilion KL

Location: Pavilion Food Court, Kuala Lumpur

A year ago I found something new at Pavilion food court. It is the type of pastries I ever had in Prague. I missed it so much! It is called Trdlo / Trdelnik, traditional Slovak cake. Can't believe I found it in Malaysia.

The menu board. Many choices to choose. It is safe to ask them for recommendation. But I believe all tastes as nice. The guy recommended us to have the Nutella Walnut and Spirall Dog.

The best sellers, Nutella Walnut, Cinnamon Sugar, Peanut Butter n Choc Chips, Spiroll Dog, Smoked Salmon, and Chicken, Olive & Cheese.

The process of making kurtos kalacs is open for public to view.

The Nutella Walnut. The combination of nutella and walnut is impeccable. Who can resist not to have it?

The Spiroll Dog. Not bad actually..

This is the shop I bought the trdlo from in Prague. The cheapest food I could get in Prague. 50Kč is roughly about 2 Euro dollar.

The trdlo I had 5 years ago. It is coated with sugar only but tastes real good.

Every time I visit KL, I never skipped Auntie Anne's pretzel. Almost every visit to KLCC, I'll queue up for pretzel. And this kurtos kalacs is inside my favourite list too after my first trial. Too bad the kitchen wasn't ready on my second visit in June this year. I guess I went early around 10am and the cashier asked me to come back in a hour time. Oh well, still got chance. Hope they will open more branches in KL soon. It would be good to have it at KLIA2.

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