October 4, 2015

Nice Dumplings & Pulut Panggang @ Lee Coffee Shop, Kuching

Location: Lot 225 - 228, Section 51, Jalan Ban Hock, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
Close on Mondays

This stall selling dumplings and panggang at Lee Coffee Shop has been in business for quite sometime. I hope they will continue their business for more years to come. They used to have one stall outside Chong Chon Cafe at 3rd Mile but it is no longer available. Luckily the main branch is still operating at Lee Coffee Shop, or else I would be headache to find nice panggang as theirs. Other than pulut panggang, their pork with yam paste fillings dumpling also tastes very nice.

Their menu as such:
Red nylon string (Pork with mushroom fillings) RM3.50
Blue nylon string (Pork with yam paste fillings) RM4.00
Yellow nylon string (Sambal chicken) RM4.00
Green nylon string (Pork with salted egg fillings) RM4.50
Pulut panggang RM1.50

The size of dumpling is quite huge.

The panggang with sambal fillings. RM1.50 each. Worth it. Usually the panggang is wrapped with banana leaves. But they use pandan leaves which make the aroma even better.

This is the mushroom pork dumpling. RM3.50 each.

This is another good alternative if you crave for dumplings.

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