October 29, 2015

Rat Ox Bar, Bintulu, Sarawak (BUSINESS CEASED)


Location: Jalan Tanjung Kidurong, Kidurong Light Industrial Estate, 97300 Bintulu, Sarawak (The junction to Daiken Sarawak, new shop lots on the right hand side, behind 7-11).
Business Hour: 11am - 2pm; 4pm - 12am (kitchen last order at 10:30pm).
Tel: 010-982 6889

Weeks ago I went back to hometown Bintulu to celebrate my mum's birthday. Finally got the chance to visit my friend, Janet who is working at Rat Ox Bar as chef. I have been wanting to try out the food she cooked as she has worked in NZ for many years. She is very experienced and acquired a lot of cooking skills with certificates. When talking about cooking, her eyes beamed.

The location of the restaurant is a little bit out of town. It took me sometime to get there. But those who are working in the Kidurong industrial area shouldn't be confused with the location. It is along the road to Daiken Kidurong.

The menus, fusion cuisine. Which one entices you more?

They open for lunch too. 11am - 2pm. I haven't got chance to try out the lunch menu yet.

Tiger Radler is suitable for ladies. Sweeter taste, quite similar to Shandy. The alcohol percentage is slightly higher than Shandy, 2% to 3%.

I had the pork belly, as recommended by Janet. This is one of her signature dishes. I love its texture and taste. Very unique taste as she used orange to roast it. The meat is tenderly soft, chew effortlessly. I am just wondering if she can replace the pork belly with pork ribs too? Lean meat is a better choice for health conscious people like me. The baked potato is a big bonus, crispy skin. The french beans also not overcooked.  Thumbs up!

It is a rare find to have this NZ style cuisine in Bintulu. I am not being bias, it is a honest review. I used to dine at one restaurant (which used to be famous) with my friend in Bintulu, hmm...  the worst meal I ever had. Barely finished the chicken meat because it was prepared early and reheat to serve. The food served is totally different from the description and picture. Worst, they used sweet potatoes to replace the french fries. I believe the previous chef has resigned, the current chef didn't keep the standards maintained.

Rat Ox Bar posts updates and promos on Facebook page, check it out here:  https://www.facebook.com/rat.ox.btu.

Next, going to blog the best kampua in Bintulu. Stay tuned!

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