November 4, 2015

Best Kampua in my hometown Bintulu, Sarawak

Location: Stall M52 at Bintulu Wet Market

I am not sure what time the owner starts business everyday. But I know his kampua always sold out after 10:30am. We have been patronised the stall since we were still kids. No other kampua has been so authentic like his. Greasy but nice, seriously. The owner made the noodles himself, that's his winning point compared to others. Most kampua stalls use noodles from factory. The texture is a lot different. Noodles production is limited, so he only operates business a few hours in the morning. We usually call the owner's nickname, "Ah Di 阿弟".

Everything still look the same, including the owner and the helper.

The pork liver soup is a must as side order. The pork liver is extremely fresh because the supply is from downstairs (the stall is located right upstairs of pork meat section at Bintulu wet market).

This is my dad's order, he always orders the kampua with chili sauce.

This is mine. Special. Larger portion, as the normal portion couldn't make me satisfied. The chasiew meat also sliced thin. The meat is slightly salty but it blends well with the noodles.

Though I have introduced quite a few foochow kampua, but this kampua is still number 1 in my list. I don't usually go for it because it is hard to find parking at Bintulu wet market, and it is high cholesterol. Look at grease on the edge of the plate, it is lard. Haaa..... What else can I say, don't judge the book by its cover!

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