November 29, 2015

Halal Handmade Mushroom Chicken Noodles @ Ting's Cafe, Kuching

Location: Jalan Bukit Mata, the shoplots behind Riverside Shopping Complex

Quite sometime ago my Muslim friend kept telling me how good taste the mee merah is. Based on her description with facial expression, I got so tempted to try it out. She told me the owner is a Chinese who converted to Islam. So he can literally speak mandarin. The location is not difficult to locate, it is behind Riverside Shopping Complex, opposite shop is a small convenient store.

The friendly boss with his pony hair. Hehehe.. He will speak Mandarin to you if you are Chinese.

The menu: Chicken chop rice, chicken salad rice, chicken lemon rice, steamed chicken rice, nasi ayam panggang merah, and kolo mee.

The famous kolo mee, handmade mushroom chicken noodles. Undeniably the noodles taste very nice, the texture is the type I love, springy and chewy. But as I don't take salty food for long time, this bowl of noodles is rather too salty for me. The red colour should be the char siew oil.

If you want to bring your friend(s) for halal kolo mee, this place is a good choice. All stall vendors here serve only halal foods.

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