November 15, 2015

Popular Corner Food Centre 旺角饮食中心, Bintulu

Address: No. 50, BDA, Jalan Abang Galau, Shahida Commercial Centre, 97000 Bintulu, Sarawak.

Popular Corner has been in Bintulu since I was still a kid. As its name called, it is very popular for its variety of choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can't believe they even have kueh chap too!

This clock tower is the famous landmark of Bintulu. Too bad the fountain is no longer functioned. Popular Corner is just located a few steps from it.

I always had the bad impression because of their poor hygiene. BUT on my last visit, I found they have greatly improved their environment, also their service. Food serving is fast, table turnover also fast. Need not to worry the full occupation during peak time.

Yong Taufu, this is the favourite for those who likes to have something not to "heavy" taste.  I was quite impressed with the choices available.

Kuih-muih Section. You will be spoiled for choice.

Dim Sum and Hot Plate Section. Their fried kueh tiaw also not a bad choice.

I ordered fried noodles because it looked appealing when the waiter serving it to the customer next to me. Slightly different from Foochow style, it is quite tasty as well.

My dad hand-picked the ingredients.

If you are thinking to have seafood for dinner in Bintulu, you can give it a try. Their salted egg crabs also not bad.

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