December 7, 2015

Famous Fried Wanton @Stutong Baru 八点地炸云吞, Kuching

Location: Stutong Baru (八点地). It is on the road side, can be noticed easily as there are many cars parked in front of the house.
Business hours: Not sure. But definitely available after 7pm.
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This place is introduced by my friend, she highly recommended their fried wanton to me. Crispy skin, super crunchy, and big portion. There also got the famous pork burger within the same area too, which I'm going to blog in the next post. The fried wanton place is actually operating business outside a single storey detached house. When you look for the house selling fried wanton along the way, you would pass one a house selling spicy noodles 麻辣面. The house selling fried wanton is just opposite a block of shop lot.  

The lady boss takes the order for fried wanton, tomato noodles and tomato kueh tiaw. I was quite mazed on my first visit. There were dirty plates, bowls and bottles left unattended on tables. And only two people are handling all these works. We sat there but the waste on the table wasn't clear and clean by anyone. Looking at the two bosses, both were extremely busy and emotionless. Feel rather burdened to interrupt them. Luckily my bro bumped into a friend who is "veteran" at this place. He told us it is self-service. Order your food with the boss first. Go and get the drinks from the chiller, then get your glasses, straws, chilli sauce, chopsticks, forks and spoons from the table next to the chiller. Sit and wait.

The boss will take the order for kolo mee and collect payment.

This is the cream soda from Sibu. There are many flavours available too.

This is my bro's tomato kueh tiaw.

The famous fried wanton. I thought it is just the fried wanton. But it is fried wanton in tomato gravy too. Not bad, the wanton skin is very crunchy. Soaking in the tomato gravy, let the skin turns soft, the taste is equally good.

This is the tomato noodles. This one is worth to try too.

Note: As there will be people waiting for their takeaways, do notice who orders food after you.  If the person got their food before you, your order might be missed out. Do remind the boss again.

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