December 14, 2015

Yun Jia Chin Cafe 云嘉晋食堂 @BDC, Kuching

Location: Lot 957, Ground Floor, BDC Commercial Centre, Jalan Stutong, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak (Opposite Ayam Mahkota, same row with 100% Discount Store).

Every time I went to BDC for grocery, I would pass by this coffee shop. The fittings of the shop doesn't look 'alluring'. But there always have numbers of customer sitting there. I was curious what they were having. Had a peek at the food they ordered. A bowl of soup and a plate of rice. One day as my bro and I couldn't decide where to have lunch, I suggested this coffee shop. No harm to try out a new place. But it turned out a surprise to us. Since then this coffee shop has been our favourite lunch spot for months. The dishes taste nice and the price is very reasonable too.

Stir-fried cangkuk manis (sweet leaf in English) with egg. I prefer this dish served with some gravy which you can savour the fragrant leaf juice and egg.

This is my bro's favourite dish, stir-fried kailan with stewed pork slices (can food). 芥兰炒红烧扣肉. It is a perfect combination, but I would not recommend to have it often.

The bitter gourd with salted egg. Slurp.. Look at the egg york. It looks so appetizing.

This is the soup of the day. Lotus root soup. Usually the regular customers will order this soup and have it with rice. The pork meat has been boiled long hours, it is tenderly soft. Just dip the meat with soy chilli sauce.

Sweet & sour fish.

Kung pao chicken 宫保鸡丁. I like this dish because of its cashew nuts.

Another soup of the day, bitter gourd soup. Also my favourite soup.

Normally we order 3 - 4 dishes, the bill summed up below RM40 for 2 person. The cheapest was RM20 for two, depends on the dishes you ordered.

The coffee shop also has other stalls selling kolo mee, laksa, chicken rice, and porridge. I have tried the kolo mee and laksa, not bad too! Note: they are only open from early morning till noon around 1.30pm.

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