January 30, 2016

Young Su's Ice-Cream @Jalan Song, Kuching (CLOSED)

Address: SL 11414, PL54, Jalan Song, Tabuan Heights, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Business Hours: Monday 12:00pm - 5:00pm; Tuesday - Sunday 12:00pm - 9:00pm

Young Su's ice cream has been existing for long time. The owner is a Korean. The ice cream ingredients are shipped from Korea too. It used to be a happening place to hang out for youngsters. Nice yogurt ice cream with free toppings. I was not into ice cream until recently I started to have the crave for it.

There is one time I went there with my friend when the owner was preparing to close shop.  I should say he is not a friendly but that's his unique personality. He was not pleased at first. Nevertheless I still got my ice cream and savoured the ice cream every spoon. I told my friend the Korean owner is a weirdo. Though felt rather offended... as long as the ice cream is good, I forgive him for being unfriendly. Haa..

It used to have different sizes. Now only one size available, you can choose the flavour of ice cream from the list. I personally like yogurt + green tea flavour. Haven't have the gut to try the cheese flavour.

Free toppings. You can use the scoop as much as you like. The owner is pretty generous on this.

My yogurt + green tea ice cream with all the toppings. Gosh... tastes real good and refreshing. I like the sourness and the crunchy toppings. Super love the combination.

I told my friend, I have the sudden crave for Young Su's ice cream nowadays. It has the magic to lure me from time to time. Slurp..

January 25, 2016

Open Air Market Ais Krim Bergula Apong, Kuching

Location: Open Air Market, Jalan Power, 93200 Kuching

The NTV7 crew member told me this gula apong ice cream is famous in Kuching and the queue is always super long. I was puzzled as I didn't know its existence until he told me about it. Well, I am not a fan of gula apong. I don't have sweet tooth actually. Once in a while, I'll have the ice cream crave.

I visited 2 times, failed to get it. First time, it stated business hours 1PM-5AM. But I got there after 1PM, the stall was still closed. Second time, passed by and wanted to get it. I gave up after I saw the queue. The third time, we had dinner at open air. I went there quick to check out the queue. Luckily it wasn't too long.

They have 3 types of toppings: Peanut, Cornflakes, and Famous Amos Cookies.

The menu: Small cup RM2.20, Medium bowl RM4.80, Big bowl RM8.50, Bun RM2.50. They have 3 flavours of ice cream base, if not mistaken: Vanilla, chocolate, pandan.

Ok. Only one ice cream machine. Guess it is one of the reasons causing the long wait.

The taste of ice cream is good. It is not the creamy and milky type compared to Sunny Hills ice cream. The taste of gula apong is not overly strong, it's acceptable to me. Its texture actually reminds me of the ice cream I had in childhood. If you are a fan of creamy ice cream, you might be disappointed to have it.

Recently I fell for Young Su's Korean ice cream. Have the crave from time to time.. Will introduce it in the next post. Stay tuned!

January 18, 2016

BBQ King Seafood 烧鱼大王海鲜饭店, Kuching

Addresss: Ground Floor, Lot 10587, Block 16, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
Business Hours: Monday - Sunday 4:30pm - 10:30pm
Tel: 017-801 6323

This seafood restaurant is located behind Upwell Supermarket. I noticed it for sometime but never had the urge to try until my bro and his girlfriend brought me there. And, it surprised me. Every signature dish was two thumbs-up delicious!

When a lady came to take our order, she kept asking us to try their BBQ cripsy pig. Initially we were reluctant but she was persistent until we agreed to it. We ordered 5 dishes in total, the bill was amounting a hundred plus. The price is reasonable by the value and portion of it.

The menus. They even have baby lobsters.

Chinese new year reunion dinner, you can consider to get the poon choi 盆菜. Call 017-801 6323 for reservation.

This is a must-try dish. BBQ pork belly RM16/10 pcs. The meat is tenderly soft and super juicy. Two thumbs-up!

Sweet corn soup. We cannot skip soup whenever we have Chinese food.

Stir-fried bilin. My bro's favourite dish.

Dark soy bean curd. It is one of their signature dishes. I highly recommend as well.

BBQ crispy pig. The skin is really crispy. Dip it with the sauce provided, heavenly delicious.

I like all of the dishes. The good taste of BBQ pork belly is unforgettable. Any guests coming to Kuching? Put BBQ King Seafood in your pocket list.

January 14, 2016

Duckie's The Original "Pak Lo" Duck, Kuching

Address: Lot 251, Abell Road KTLD, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel: 082-428 866

Some days I would have lunch at odd hours, 2 - 3pm. And it is pretty hard to find meal with balanced diet (at economic price) during these hours. I always found Duckie's (formerly known as "Tracy's Kitchen") open whenever I passed by. Either morning, lunch, or dinner. My first time encounter with Tracy's Kitchen was many years ago at 2.5 Mile, I remembered the taste of their pak lo duck meat was good. The rice they used also better grade.

Now whenever I have late lunch around 3pm, I would opt to have quick fix here. It is quite convenient to find parking lot here after 2pm. There are a few parking lots reserved in front of their shop for customers.

Assorted pak lo meats to choose from.

Their cafe is very hygienic and well organised. Staff also very friendly.

Too many choices. Not only rice, they have also noodles.

I had my first cucumber juice here years ago. The taste is very refreshing.

This is the lunch set. You can choose duck meat or chicken. I have tried both. Though the portion looks small, but it is sufficient for me. They provide a small bowl of soup too.  This is the duck meat.

This is the chicken pak lo lunch set. Price is about RM6.50 or RM6.90. Can't remember the exact amount. But worth the price because it has meat, egg, vege, rice, and soup.

January 6, 2016

Taiwan Cha Ya Cafe 台湾茶鸭, Kuching

Location: No. 54, Jalan Padungan,Kuching, Sarawak (Next to Fock Hai Tim Sam Cafe)
Business Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10:00am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 8:30pm (Mondays off)
UPDATED: Moved to new address at No.393, Lorong Resak 4B, Taman Kali, 93300 Kuching

I visited this cafe in November last year. It is not far from my workplace. I first time got to know Taiwan smoked duck in Kuching Festival Fair 2015. Didn't manage to buy it that time. As the title stated, 茶鸭 this tea-smoked duck is a new thing in Kuching. If you are not a fan of duck meat, there has variety of options too.

The menu. Their pricing is also reasonable.

The signature dish, Taiwan Smoked Duck Rice. Balanced meal, it has veges, meat and rice.

A closer look of the duck meat. The meat is perfectly smoked, neither too dry nor hard to chew. Highly recommended.

I went there alone. Though the portion of smoked duck rice is more than sufficient for me but I couldn't resist not to order this braised pork ear. It's my favourite!

There's another place to have nice duck meat too. I'll introduce in the next post. Stay tuned!

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