January 25, 2016

Open Air Market Ais Krim Bergula Apong, Kuching

Location: Open Air Market, Jalan Power, 93200 Kuching

The NTV7 crew member told me this gula apong ice cream is famous in Kuching and the queue is always super long. I was puzzled as I didn't know its existence until he told me about it. Well, I am not a fan of gula apong. I don't have sweet tooth actually. Once in a while, I'll have the ice cream crave.

I visited 2 times, failed to get it. First time, it stated business hours 1PM-5AM. But I got there after 1PM, the stall was still closed. Second time, passed by and wanted to get it. I gave up after I saw the queue. The third time, we had dinner at open air. I went there quick to check out the queue. Luckily it wasn't too long.

They have 3 types of toppings: Peanut, Cornflakes, and Famous Amos Cookies.

The menu: Small cup RM2.20, Medium bowl RM4.80, Big bowl RM8.50, Bun RM2.50. They have 3 flavours of ice cream base, if not mistaken: Vanilla, chocolate, pandan.

Ok. Only one ice cream machine. Guess it is one of the reasons causing the long wait.

The taste of ice cream is good. It is not the creamy and milky type compared to Sunny Hills ice cream. The taste of gula apong is not overly strong, it's acceptable to me. Its texture actually reminds me of the ice cream I had in childhood. If you are a fan of creamy ice cream, you might be disappointed to have it.

Recently I fell for Young Su's Korean ice cream. Have the crave from time to time.. Will introduce it in the next post. Stay tuned!

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