February 12, 2016

Fried Chicken Rice @Aladin Cafe 神灯, Carpenter Street, Kuching

Location: Carpenter Street, Kuching
Business hours: 6pm - 9pm (normally sold out around this hour)

I have known this Aladin Cafe since my college time. It is famous with its fried chicken rice. Another symbolic of this shop is the owners have tattoos. Well... tattoo is a form of art, it doesn't mean the person with tattoo is evil, right.

They provide two types of dipping sauce. And also a bowl of salted vege soup. I like their fried chicken rice.. But saw a family behind me ordered a plate of fried chicken wings made me so envious. And I also noticed there were a number of customers ordered their chicken porridge.  I should try it on my next visit.

Close up of the deep fried chicken. Crispy skin and the chicken meat is tender. Can't wait to go back for the full plate of fried chicken wings next time.

There are many nice food along carpenter street. Convenient for tourists to hunt. The best nice pork satay also available opposite Aladin Cafe. Will blog it next.

The map to Aladin Cafe:

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