February 18, 2016

Best Pork Satay in Kuching @Carpenter Street, Kuching

Location: Carpenter Street, Kuching

This place opposite the Siang Ti Temple 上帝庙 at Carpenter Street is famous for its fish ball beancurd soup and pork satay. Satay will be available in the noon after 2pm and normally finish before 4pm. Usually if order a bowl of fish ball beancurd soup will not be sufficient because of its small portion. Should order at least 5 sticks of pork satay as side order.

The famous pork satay is superb tender and succulently juicy. Marinated with dark soy sauce. It is different from chicken satay. The thick peanut sauce is also another highlight, it is the best accompaniment to satay. 

The handmade fish balls with vermicelli soup. The soup base is light but tasty. Grandmas and grandpas' favourite.

Aside pork satay and fish ball soup, you should try its kueh chap and fish porridge too. These are all the signature dishes in Kuching which you should not be missed. Just one street stretches from front to back, you can hunt so many good food here:

Lau Ya Keng Fish Ball Tauhu
Nyan Shin Cafe 源成茶室
Aladin Cafe 神灯
Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company
Kim Joo 锦裕
Ah Yong ABC Ice Kantong @ Wayang Street

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