February 23, 2016

Ping Fried Chicken Wing 阿宾炸鸡翅膀 @Peach Garden, Kuching

Location: Peach Garden Food Centre, Jalan Song, Kuching

In Kuching, I bet you know where to get the famous fried chicken wing. There is another place you can get an equally decent deep-fried chicken wing too. It's guaranteed crispy and the chicken wings sold out very fast, especially the bishop's nose (chicken butt). Its stall is located at Peach Garden Food Centre. Only available in the evening, normally sold out around 9pm (or even earlier).

Ping fried chicken wing, paired with the special dipping sauce. Look at the golden brown chicken wings, this is best match with beers. Agree?

If you have your favourite list of deep-fried chicken wings in Kuching, please email to me at igomakan@gmail.com. Thank you thank you!

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