February 29, 2016

The Food Truck "NOMS On Street", Kuching

Location: Jalan Tun Jugah (in front of Mita Cake House), Jalan Song (in front of Starbucks) - As they are on mobile, do check out their Facebook page for location of the day.
Business hours: Mon-Sun 7:00 pm - 1:00 am

Have anyone of you noticed there's always a food truck parked in front of Mita Cake House on Jalan Tun Jugah? Last year October I went there to try it out with my friend. Out of curiosity, just wanted to find out what's their menu.

There were customers waiting for their take away. Instead of 'tabao'ing it home, we decided to have it on the spot.

Their menu: Old School Carbonara, Beefed Out Burger, Mama Mia Sandwich, Sexay Chic Thigh Burger. Now they have newly added menu: chicken wing, which looks so enticing.

We ordered Mama Mia Sandwich and Old School Carbonara. But when we opened the box, found out they got us the wrong order. Instead of Old School Carbonara, they gave us a burger. The guy apologised for the mistake. Very sincere and super friendly customer service. He let us have the wrong order and brought us the correct one. I have very good first impression on them.

This is Mama Mia Sandwich. I like this the most because the outer is crispy, and it is easy to bite. This wonderful combination contained the melted cheddar cheese, roasted chicken, tomatoes, ham, mayonaise and mustard sauce. Highly recommended.

The Beefed Out Burger. The patty is juicy, but personally still prefer Project Burger's beef patty.

This is the Old School Carbonara. Though Mr. Phua has explained that their carbonara is not the creamy version, it is french style (if my memory serves me right). Well, somehow...  I was rather disappointed with the taste. It was watery and plain.

They accept appointment for events. If you are planning to hold party or events,  you may consider to get their catering service. They will drive to the appointed location, serve your guests with freshly made burgers.

Once again, do check out their Facebook page for latest location.

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