March 28, 2016

Patz Dayak Home Cook Special @ Full 3 Food Court, Kuching

Location: Tabuan Tranquility Commercial Centre, Jalan Canna, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak (Behind HSBC Amanah Bank)

We have seen a lot economy fast food stalls operated by Chinese and Malays. Rarely we find the economy fast food stall run by Dayak. If you are looking for cheap authentic Dayak dishes, Full 3 Food Court's Patz Dayak Home Cook Special is a good choice.

Lots of Dayak dishes which I never seen before. Very special and on my last visit I ever had the sago worm.

My plate with this portion, only RM5. Cheap right? And the dishes were delicious too!

Photos were taken on separate days. Some days they will provide red rice too.

During lunch break, the coffee shop will be packed with customers. There will be many customers queued to spoon the dishes. But no worries, the vendor will replenish the dishes.

March 20, 2016

Kolo Mee @ Sing Hock Hin Cafe 新福兴茶室, Kuching (MOVED)

Location: 109, Jalan Padungan, Kuching, Sarawak (same block with Padungan Hotel)
Business hours: Early morning till 12pm or earlier if sold out


I was planning to go to Mee Sin Cafe for lunch the other day. As I parked my car quite far distant from Mee Sin so I decided to get nearby to fill my stomach. Since my car was parked in front of Sing Hock Hin Cafe, I walked pass and saw the noodle was only RM2.90. Attracted by the price but sceptical of its taste.

FYI, the price of kolo mee has now increased to RM3.30. However, the soup with noodle set remains unchanged.

This is the kolo mee. My favourite and so far this is my number 1 kolo mee in Kuching. Oh, they use lard so it tastes so aromatic. The noodle is springy and the texture is exactly the type I fond of.

This is the set, a bowl of soup comes with a bowl of noodle. Soup contains pork intestine, pork liver, fish balls, meat balls, fish cake slices, and black fungus. The vendor has mastered the "golden" time to boil the pork liver. It is not overly cooked. The texture is neither rough nor hard. It is bouncy soft and juicy. I like the pork intestine the most. Personal liking, I always opt for pork intestine over liver. The soup is clear but surprisingly tasty.

The noodle, perfect match with the soup. A set of this only RM4.50.

Though the kolo mee is now RM3.30, it is still considered cheaper in the market (others' RM3.50). I noticed this kopitiam is Foochow old folks gather place. I always "eavesdropped" their conversation, well.. their voice quite loud actually. It was quite amusing as they frequently used the "inappropriate" words (something like F*CK in Foochow). Oh my.. Haha.. Please excuse these Foochow old folks, they are difficult to get rid of the habit.

March 14, 2016

Handmade Noodle 丘家(开福)手工面 @ABC Food Centre, Kuching

Address: Ground Floor, 51, 52, 53, Jalan Chan Bee Kiew, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak (Padungan, behind ICBC Bank)

ABC Food Centre has one stall selling nice handmade noodle too. And they are even more special because they have the noodle made of spinach. But the spinach noodle is selling fast.

The kolo mee stall, variety choices. Wantan, char siew, chicken, vinegar, mushroom chicken, seafood.

The kolo mee, RM3.50. Different from others, they added bean sprout. The owner used lard which makes the noodle tasty. You can find the bits of lard in the bottom. The noodle texture is different from the kolo mee at Joo Seng Cafe. It is not as springy, the texture is rather drier and harder. Eat it once it's served. It turns hard to chew when cold. But despite that it is still one of the best in my list.

This is the mushroom chicken noodle, photo taken in 2010. The spinach noodle was sold out the other day. I have to dig out the old photo, will replace it next time with the most recent one. I asked for spinach noodle instead of the original one. Price also the same.

Next post I am going to introduce you a place I discovered 'accidentally'. Cheaper yet you will be very surprised by its texture. It remains number 1 in my kolo mee list.

March 6, 2016

Kolo Mee @Joo Seng Cafe 裕成, Kuching

Location: Ground Floor, No 125 , 1 1/2 Miles, Jalan Rock, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak (opposite Wisma Saberkas)

I'm compiling my pocket list of kolo mee. The following posts will reveal more kolo mee which I fond the most. This post dedicated to the kolo mee stall at Joo Seng Cafe. Two times I wanted to order handmade noodle, it sold out every time. At no choice, I had the ordinary kolo mee.

This cafe has one stall selling Muslim food too. I saw many of them ordered mee jawa and their fried chicken rice. The cafe's toast and laksa also recommended by many. Will try it on the next visit.

The kolo mee. The noodle is springy. Notice the minced meat, it is boiled not cooked with soy sauce. Healthy version and it doesn't cause the noodle tasteless as the fragrance of garlic oil has superseded the boiled meat.

This is one of my favourite kolo mee. Next post I'll introduce you the green kolo mee at ABC Food Centre. Stay tuned!

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