March 28, 2016

Patz Dayak Home Cook Special @ Full 3 Food Court, Kuching

Location: Tabuan Tranquility Commercial Centre, Jalan Canna, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak (Behind HSBC Amanah Bank)

We have seen a lot economy fast food stalls operated by Chinese and Malays. Rarely we find the economy fast food stall run by Dayak. If you are looking for cheap authentic Dayak dishes, Full 3 Food Court's Patz Dayak Home Cook Special is a good choice.

Lots of Dayak dishes which I never seen before. Very special and on my last visit I ever had the sago worm.

My plate with this portion, only RM5. Cheap right? And the dishes were delicious too!

Photos were taken on separate days. Some days they will provide red rice too.

During lunch break, the coffee shop will be packed with customers. There will be many customers queued to spoon the dishes. But no worries, the vendor will replenish the dishes.

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