April 20, 2016

Hakka Handmade Noodles @ 龍鄉園 Loong Siang Yen, Kuching

Location: Ground Floor, 4909, Jalan Uplands, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak (The building block behind KWSP)

There is a stall here selling nice Hakka handmade noodles. And I like their Taiwan beef noodle the most, just that.. it is selling out very fast. I visited two times lately, didn't manage to have the Taiwan beef noodle. The taste of their beef noodle is similar to Nyan Shin's Taiwan beef noodle, the texture of the noodles also. Guess they are related.

The menus: Cha siew noodle (kolo mee), Taiwan beef noodle, chicken mushroom noodle, beef tripe noodle, minced beef meat noodle, kueh teow, bee hoon, and lao shu pan.

I went there quite late (around 11am), the Taiwan beef noodle sold out already. So I ordered this beef tripe noodle. The taste was equally good too. Tripe was stewed long hours, easy to chew. The texture of their handmade noodle is dense and springy.

It is very difficult to get a parking at this area during weekdays because of the visitors to KWSP. I would suggest to go there on Sunday.

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