June 11, 2016

Foochow Cuisine @Puer Tea Centre 普洱林茶屋, Kuching

Address: No. 18, Supreme Garden, Jalan Nyatoh, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak.
Business hour: Monday, Thursday & Friday 6:30am - 1:30pm

This place was introduced by my friend, saying it is only available 3 days a week: Monday, Thursday and Friday, and operating from 6:30am to 1:30pm. I also saw some people posted it on Facebook with good reviews on the food. Finally we found a time to visit this place. It is situated in housing area.

This is the place. It is not difficult to find because it is just located opposite Tai Tong Tyre & Batteries Sdn. Bhd. with noticeable "Continental" yellow signboard.

If you ever noticed this Continental yellow signboard opposite the junction to The Spring shopping mall on Jalan Tun Razak, then you are on the right track.

The dining place.

Order and cashier counter. The menus: Foochow mee sua with chicken soup / Foochow herbal soup (臭枳柴猪脚; 臭枳柴 - Litsea cubeba in English, a type of herbs that helps to boost up energy), nasi lemak,  pork trotter with vinegar, gong pia with 3 layer pork, and siobee. As the vendor runs it alone, so everything here is "self-service". Go to the counter to place your order, get your own spoon, fork and chopsticks, get your drinks from fridge, wait for the vendor to call when your food is ready, after meal, put your bowl/dish into the ready bucket. Remember to trash your waste into the other bucket. This is the first time I encountered this experience in Kuching.

The kitchen. The place is neat and clean.

Get your spoon, fork, chopsticks, ketchup, seasoning, and drinking straw here.

Though no pets allowed, I kept smelling the dog poop constantly. Perhaps the smell blowing from the next door.

The fridge with assorted drinks.

We ordered peanut soup. The taste is sweetless. I doubt if the vendor forgot to add sugar or you have to ask for sugar syrup?

The Foochow mee sua. The portion is huge, the chicken drumstick also huge. The price is only RM6. Very cheap indeed.

The nasi lemak. The fragrance of the rice is nice, texture also different from other nasi lemak. The vendor used better rice grade. Just that, I don't like nasi lemak with curry chicken. Personally prefer fried chicken when comes to nasi lemak. The portion is very generous, comes with side dishes as well. Price RM6 only.

The pork trotter with vinegar 猪脚醋. The gravy was nice, but the meat was hard and not easy to chew. Again huge portion, and it is RM6 only.

I asked for gong pia 光饼 too. Different from other gong pia, the vendor steamed the gong pia with 3 layer pork. Big chunk of pork meat. Not to my liking because the meat was too hard to chew, not soft. It caused the meat stuck between my teeth.

Among all the dishes (except siobee which I haven't try yet), I like the chicken soup mee sua the most.  It's a bargain really! If you don't know the location, just use Waze GPS navigation app. The address is stated above.

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