June 22, 2016

Sanga Japanese Food 山河日本料理, Kuching

Location: Lot 164, Jalan Chan Chin Ann, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak (located behind the new CIMB Bank, opposite RJ Ayam Bakar).
Business hours: Monday - Sunday 11AM - 10PM

Sanga Japanese Food is not unfamiliar to Kuchingnites. I used to patronise frequent because of its vary choices of bento set and the price is reasonable too. But it could be quite difficult to get a parking lot in that area during day time. Advisable to go for dinner instead of lunch. 

It was my friend's treat. I don't have to be price-conscious since I know he can afford to buy me better meal than this. Oops, oh well.. in return I had to drive him to places he requested too. So it was fair and square. 

It was quite sometime I didn't have natto. So I ordered this to complement a healthier meal.

I was quite disappointed with their Chawanmushi. It had slightly aroma of egg, but other than that.. it was tasteless. Zero salt added and kind of 'watery'.

Salmon sashimi is a must-have dish when you go to a Japanese restaurant. Most Japanese restaurants will serve top fresh salmon sashimi. I think the quality of wasabi is another important thing to take note of. I truly enjoyed the sashimi with small spread of wasabi.

Flower snails. This is the first time I had this cold snails dish at Japanese restaurant. Different from my expectation. I thought it was steamed, but turned out it was a cold dish and was marinated with soy sauce.

This is one of my favourites too, Avocado Prawn Sushi Roll. The prawns were about the size of my thumb.

Shishamo. My friend ordered this. I am not a big fan of fish eggs.

Overall the quality of their food is not bad. And I like most of Sanga Japanese Food is that they provide FREE Japanese green tea. The service was good as the waitresses were observant and kept filling up your glass.

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