June 6, 2016

Sarawak Laksa @Golden Arch Mall 金门楼, Kuching

Location: Golden Arch Mall, Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Available from morning till lunch hour.

Talking about laksa, everyone has their own preference. And this laksa with thicker santan (coconut milk) at Golden Arch is my bro's favourite. There are two laksa vendors here, one at Golden Arch Cafe, and another at Garden Cafe & Restaurant. My bro prefers Garden Cafe's laksa. Honestly I seldom visit Golden Arch Mall because of its limited parking lots, and their hygiene level is improvable.

Garden Cafe & Restaurant is located behind Golden Arch Cafe, at corner lot.

The big bowl laksa with slightly bigger prawns. The gravy is lumpy, which looks not so appetizing.

Other options available at Golden Arch Cafe. Teochew soup with beehoon / kolo mee / kueh tiaw.

There is also one stall selling Foochow cuisine at Golden Arch Cafe. I had this "Ding Bian Hu" (鼎边糊). It was cooked by the worker, not owner. But I was quite surprised as the taste did not disappoint me.

This place is a good place for breakfast because of its variety choices. Though limited parking space, it is still possible to get a parking lot if you come between 11am - 11:30am.

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