July 16, 2016

ABC Seafood @Top Spot Food Court, Kuching

Location: Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.

When comes to seafood in Kuching, Top Spot aka Taman Kereata is always the best choice for tourists. I'm not too sure about their business hour. Normally it would be safe to go there during evening time, as day time temperature at the roof top might be too hot for lunch. There are a number of stalls available but you may notice Ling Loong Seafood has at least 2 stalls here.

It was my birthday celebration, I suggested to go there since I had not been there for ages. This time the staffs here were not as pestering like last time. As I have tried Ling Loong Seafood few times, so I wanted to make a change this time. We settled at ABC Seafood. But I made a bad choice this time. The dishes were rather disappointing. My bro kept grumbled, the price was acceptable for the dishes but the taste was not.

Various fishes on ice for selection. Some fishes were fresh, some weren't. I'm not good at judging the freshness of the fish, but by noticing the fish eyes you can easily know. Don't choose the fish with red and/or dehydrated eyes.

There are also assorted vegetables and ingredients for you to choose.

Freshwater prawns, and large prawn?

Crabs.. my bro's favourite.

Lobsters, cockles, bamboo clams,  mantis shrimps, and squids.

Stir-fried cangkuk manis (star gooseberry) with egg. The taste was alright, not as I expected.

Cockles is my favourite. This one didn't surprise me too.

Sea cucumber soup.

Black pepper deer meat. I was kinda appreciate the taste but.. I felt thirsty after each bite, doubt MSG overdosed?

Stir-fried crabs with egg. This is what my bro was grumbling about, the taste was not great.

The steamed grouper. Taste was great because of the freshness.

There used to have one guy (bald head) approaches each table to ask if anyone wants to order BBQ seafood. I didn't notice him this time, doubt he is still doing business there. Years ago, I had company dinner at here. As we thought it would be about the market price so we gave it a try and ordered the BBQ stingray from him. And he asked for the price above RM100 for that. What a ripoff. Do ask him for the price and give him a budget you are willing to pay.

 If you are not certain which stall to select, there is one easier way to make up your mind. Just go to the stall with higher number of customers. The better business the better taste.

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