July 26, 2016

The Famous Chicken Feet @Spring Garden Cafe, Bintulu

Address: No. 268, Taman Sri Dagang, 97000 Bintulu
Business hours: 5pm something - dawn.

Raya holidays I went back to my hometown Bintulu, spent almost a week with family. On the day I departed Bintulu, I managed to sync my gmail. Found out a blog reader emailed me a few days ago and asked to introduce some good food place in Bintulu. I felt quite bad as I replied him quite late, bet he might had left before my email?

Ok, back to the topic. If you visit Bintulu, you must not miss this deep-fried chicken feet from Spring Garden Cafe. I grew up with this cafe, the business is run by a family. The brother and sister take order, some times the mother. Other sibling and family members are working in the kitchen. Their business starts at 5pm something or 6pm, then ends in dawn hour. My friend ever went there around 3am. It is a good place to fill stomach after clubbing.

The deep-fried chicken feet. Though it looks unappetising and unattractive. You'll be surprised with its taste. And you won't be able to stop after the first piece. Every table will surely have this dish on table. It's very addictive and irresistible.

There are other dishes we usually will order: Fried pork intestines and pork ear with dried chilies, fried cockles, mixed vegetables soup, and fried kangkong (water spinach). Another famous dish is the deep-fried black pomfret.

The peak hour is between 7 - 10pm. It's norm that you might have to wait up to 1 hour for your order to be served. But it worths the wait, don't worry.

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