August 28, 2016

Fish Skin Salad & Congee @Chan Tim Kee 陳添記食家, Guangzhou

Location: BaoHua Road (长寿路站 ChangShou Road subway station)

This post will be more favourable for those who can read Chinese because the map and address are all in Chinese. I spent sometime to search online the famous foods in Guangzhou, listed the most popular ones. 陳添記 Chan Tim Kee is one of it. Based on the Google map, it is not that hard to locate. In actuality, when you walk on 宝华街 BaoHua Road it could be problematic to search the streets because the road is so busy and crowded with people and vehicles.

I accidentally found 陳添記 Chan Tim Kee in the alley when my mother and I stopped for a while to take picture. Immediately we walked in to have our brunch, the weather was extremely hot that time.

The menus are all in Chinese. But fret not, most eating places in China provide pictures in menu now. You can just point which you want to order. But you would not able to know the ingredients because no translation.

The take-away counter is here. Enter and get a table if you want to dine in. I didn't know the procedure to order, I placed order and paid at the counter first.

This is the signature dish of 陳添記 Chan Tim Kee, Fish Skin Salad 爽鱼皮 'shuang yu pi' (RMB 22). The fish skin was swift boiled and subcooled in water, making the texture more crunchy when chew. Tossed with seasonings, peanuts, spring onions, celery leaves, ginger, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is worth to try, the taste not fishy at all. But it was overly salty for us, perhaps the seasonings was overdosed. By looking at the fish skin closely, don't you think it looks quite similar to snake skin too?

In Guangzhou, there is one dish you must not be missed: Congee 艇仔粥. I like their congee too, but there's another shop selling better congee than this around this area. I failed to locate the shop though, vaguely remember it's on the road side, opposite a mall and they mainly sell congees.

The soybean milk was tasty too, not diluted.

The map, 宝华路 = BaoHua Road, 长寿路地铁站 = ChangShou Road Subway Station. The logos indicated herein the locations of Chan Tim Kee 陳添記食家. They have two outlets here.

The business hour starts at 9am, ends at 10:30pm.

Chan Tim Kee 陳添記食家 is near to Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street 上下九步行街.

Most of the good foods in Guangzhou are concentrated in this area, LianXiangLou 莲香楼, BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店, ShunJi Icehouse 顺记冰室, Nanxin Milk Desserts Expert 南信牛奶甜品专家, MeiMei Fried Food 美美炸物, XinLian Rice Noodle Rolls 新联肠粉店, Kin Kee Noodles 坚记面店, YinJi Rice Noodle Rolls 银记肠粉店, etc.

We only managed to visit LianXiangLou 莲香楼, BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店, and ShunJi Icehouse 顺记冰室.  Couldn't stuck in any more food and it was only last day in Guangzhou. Next time I'll spare two days here to hunt all the foods here.

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