August 14, 2016

Kuching Festival Fair 2016, Kuching

Feel like I just blogged Kuching Festival Fair 2015 not long ago. In the blink of an eye, here comes Kuching Festival Fair 2016. This year the fried ice cream is no longer a fame. Fresh fruit popsicle and deep-fried squid gained the popularity. We have tried numerous food, some good and some not worth the price.

My bro wanted to buy this Vietnamese chicken wing. The stall located quite far behind actually. I was quite disappointed as the chicken wings had turned cold. The guy prepared it quite early, thought it would be taste better if served hot.

The Vietnamese chicken wings, top is the BBQ version, bottom is fried version. Taste was good, has stronger aroma of lemongrass.

On the way to find the Vietnamese chicken wings, we passed by this stall selling popsicle. The decoration of the stall is not that attractive. But the queue in front triggered my curiosity. Since so many people queued up, might as well give it a try. Sort of like psychology of marketing. I have told by my friend that this stall sold out their product very fast, within 1-2 hours. I went there around 5 something. When it was my turn, they only left 4 pieces, one defective and only left kiwi flavour. Apparently they only produced small quantity.

A popsicle like this... cost RM6. Well.. I would say it's exaggerated. The ice texture was rather coarse. Perhaps you all can make it yourselves too at home.

Another thing that attracted us was this salted fish ice cream bun. SALTED FISH + ice cream. Can you imagine the taste of  this awkward combination? They also have the salted egg ice cream bun.

A bun like this.. guess how much it cost? RM9.90..  First bite was great. I had only one bite. My brother's girlfriend finished it all, and she said the taste got so awful after the first few bites.

This stall has the least decoration, even the banner also not so attractive. If not mistaken, 1 piece RM4, 4 pieces RM12. We bought 2 pieces, need to reserve some space for other food as well.

Surprisingly this cheesy bacon taste really good. This is one of the choices that satisfied us the most.

We were there around 5 something. The queue was quite long already. Other than the popsicle, this is another stall that needs to queue.

The deep-fried squid. The taste was good, the seasoning powder they used is very addictive.

This one is the most disappointed food.. It's called "福袋", the deep-fried dumplings stuck with assorted fillings like oyster, salmon, etc. Hard to chew, dry taste too.

Saw this stall selling creative food.

It looks quire real. Do you dare to get this cheesecake with poo alike on top?

This stall selling the fresh fruit popsicles too. Theirs look more attractive than the one we had. More valuable because their popsicle contains more than one type of fruits.

The menu. The fruits popsicle also priced at maximum RM6. But at least more valuable. The queue was not as long as the above mentioned.

Peanut ice cream. The ice cream made of coconut milk. Sprinkled with peanut powder and wrapped with popiah skin. I had it last year and came back for it again. Price is more reasonable, RM3 only. I think next year I'll want to have it again.

Haven't got chance to try this honeycomb ice cream.

And this nasi lemak ice cream. I thought it would be like the salty type of ice cream. Actually they make the ice cream presentation like nasi lemak. Quite impressed with their creativity.

Have to standby at least RM100 cash. We spent RM113.50 this time. Almost all food cost RM5 averagely. Oh yeah, for your information, Kuching Festival Fair starts around 5pm.

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