August 21, 2016

Guangzhou Attractions, 28 May - 02 June 2016

I have been travelled to Guangzhou for 2 times but never really been to the sightseeing places before. Last year bought the "cheap" tickets for two, decided to bring my mother along as she never been there too. Though AirAsia had the free seats promotion, I got the KL - GZ return tickets below RM600 for two (not inclusive of baggage allowance). The connecting flights were expensive, decided to wait. Wait till the near date, the price got higher and higher. At no choice, I had to get it confirmed. Flying my mother from Bintulu to Kuching, then flying together to KL. At last I got all secured. Added up the total airfare spent, it's not much different to get it on the normal days too. Suddenly a week before the day, AirAsia sent me message to inform on the retimed schedule. I was so frustrated as the revised arrival time showed that we only got one hour connecting our GZ flight. One hour transit time is apparently not sufficient for international flight. After the live chat, waiting to be called by the responsible department, nothing happened, live chat again, finally the staff called and got it solved 5 days before the departure time. Caused me to spend extra for hotel room at Tune Hotel since we have to stay overnight.

As our stay in Guangzhou was quite short, done some study and shortlisted a few sightseeing places to visit and also the famous food to try.

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall 陈家祠陈氏书院) 
This building is under maintenance. Built between 1888 - 1894. It was used as an accommodation for Chen clan juniors who come to town for imperial examinations. At the same time, it was also a place to worship ancestors.

This is the entrance, also the exit. The amazing wood carving on the screen doors and beams.

The wood carving is so marvellous. Each panel entails different stories. You can find the art works every way here. Now it has turned into a museum.

The corridor to gathering hall and back hall.

The courtyard.

This is the gathering hall like what you have seen in HK and China dramas. It was once used as a place for meeting.

Memorial tables of ancestors in the back hall.

Shamian Island 沙面, this is one of the places that is worth to visit. There are many statues here which you can take picture with. The buildings were built during colonial period, so structure designs and pavements also very European feel. We didn't linger long here, too exhausted after the long walk.

Found a Starbucks Cafe on Shamian Island. Wanted to give it a try, but the cafe was quite packed.

Sacred Heart Cathedral 
This church is really worth to visit. You will have a feeling of yourself situated in Europe. I didn't enter the cathedral as the mass was on-going, and they controlled the number of visitors to enter. I was quite surprised there were so many Africans in Guangzhou.

The cathedral was completed in 1888 after 25 years of construction. If I go back to Guangzhou next visit, I'll go to this cathedral again and enter to see the stained glass.

Statue of the Five Goats at Yuexiu Park 五羊石像
If you are interested to know the legend of 5 goats, click here.

Canton Tower 广州塔
We didn't get the ticket to observatory floor, but we enjoyed our dinner at McDonald's there.

We stopped here for quite sometime to enjoy the Sunset.

The unique building across the Zhujiang River is Haixinsha Plaza.

Liede Bridge 猎德大桥

Will blog the food we had in Guangzhou next.

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