August 7, 2016

Yeow Kee Kopitiam 姚记咖啡店 @Premier 101, Kuching

Location: Premier 101, Jalan Kempas, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
Business hour: 6:30am - 22:30pm Tuesday - Sunday (Monday off)

This used to be my favourite place for breakfast, as it is near to my place and there are variety of good food too. Ever since the coffee shop got famed and extremely popular, it is pretty hard to get a seat now. You would have to stand and wait next to occupants until they finish the food. So gradually I visit less and less. Unless you visit there around 3 - 5pm for tea break, you still can enjoy their famous kaya toast.

For me, what is the must have here is the kaya toast. They are not using the electrical toaster. Like the traditional kaya toast, they use charcoal fire to toast the bread. Though slightly expensive, but the aroma will impress you.

You can choose the spreads of your toast. Peanut butter, butter, kaya or fruit jam. They use butter, not margarine, which is so much healthier and tasty. My all-time favourite, kaya with butter. The Teh C is also a must have here. Rich aroma, their standards always maintained well.

The Penang Kueh Tiaw was good last time, but now the stall is ran by different guys.

The kueh tiaw is a bit oily compared to last time.

Kolo mee here is different from others, branched out from BDC Chong & Low Cafe.

The noodle is handmade and its noodle strip is bigger than normal kolo mee.

Among all the stalls here, I like this duck noodles the most. But not recommend to have it too frequent, as you will get bored of its taste.

The soup is real tasty. The ingredients contain one big half slice of fish cake, two fish balls, two wantons (dumplings), duck meat slices, vegetables and Vietnamese noodles (bún tàu, a type of cellophane noodles). The noodle has translucent appearance. The dumpling contains prawn, the price at RM7 for a bowl like this is very worth it.

If you prefer to have dim sum for breakfast, there has one dim sum stall too.

Yeow Kee Kopitiam has another branch at Tabuan Tranquility, different vendors resided. I have been there once, I forgot what did I have. I can't recall meaning I was not impressed with the taste.

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